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It was the sort of bauble that might imply something more deeply felt than friendship — but then again, might not. Watkins, then a year-old intern in the Washington bureau of McClatchy Newspapers, was not entirely surprised. On that occasion, Ms. Watkins explained to Mr. Wolfe that their relationship was strictly professional.

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The bracelet suggested that her message had not gotten through. She asked an editor for advice, and was told that as long as the gift was not exorbitant — no stock in a company, the editor joshed — it was fine. The story of what happened next — of a three-year affair that unfolded between a young reporter and a government official with access to top-secret information — is now part of a federal investigation that has rattled the world of Washington journalists and the sources they rely on.

Wolfe, 57, was arrested on June 7 and charged with lying to investigators about his contacts with Ms. Watkins and three other journalists. Watkins, a Washington-based reporter for The New York Times, had her and phone records seized by federal prosecutors. Now 26, Ms. Watkins was hired by The Times Watkins sex dating cover federal law enforcement in December, about four months after she has said her relationship with Mr.

Wolfe ended. Times officials are currently examining her work history and what influence the relationship may have had on her reporting. The Times is also reviewing her decision, on advice of her personal lawyer, not to immediately tell her editors about a letter she received in February informing her that her records had been seized. The seizure of Ms. Strikingly, the case against Mr. The president told reporters that the F. This is based on interviews with about three dozen friends and colleagues of Ms. Watkins and Mr. Wolfe, many of whom asked for anonymity to speak candidly about sensitive matters.

Watkins declined to speak on the record, but she has shared many details of her experiences with others who spoke with The Times. Wolfe is fighting the charges against him in court, not in the newspaper.

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The revelation of Ms. Wolfe stunned many journalists who had watched her ascent from college-age intern to rising star in the sensitive field of national security reporting. Their relationship played out in the insular world of Washington, where young, ambitious journalists compete for scoops while navigating relationships with powerful, often older, sources. Avoiding conflicts of interest is a basic tenet of journalism, and intimate involvement with a source is considered verboten.

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In her short career, Ms. Watkins disclosed her relationship with Mr. Wolfe to her employers in varying degrees of detail — sometimes citing Mr. If the romance with Mr. Wolfe raised any red flags, they were not enough to prevent several news organizations from hiring Ms. Watkins, or to persuade her editors to move her off the intelligence beat. Since meeting Mr.

Wolfe inMs. Last fall, after Ms. Wolfe had broken up and while she was still reporting on the intelligence committee for Politico, she briefly dated another staff member at the committee, friends said. That relationship, which has not been ly reported, ended when the two decided not to pursue something more serious.

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Wolfe had a sensitive job: head of security at the Senate Intelligence Committee, where he oversaw the handling and distribution of highly classified materials delivered by agencies like the C. It was a high-ranking role that Mr. Wolfe had occupied since before Ms. Watkins was born. Watkins told friends that she did not start dating Mr.

Wolfe until after she left McClatchy in the fall ofand that when the relationship began, she imposed ground rules: She would tell Mr. But sometimes, she admitted, it got complicated: She would make a mental note of tidbits he mentioned offhand, or gossip with him about Capitol Hill, or throw out a fact and gauge his reply. The relationship has prompted concern in many newsrooms that Ms.

And it has complicated what would otherwise be a straightforward argument for press advocates protesting the Watkins sex dating of Ms. Wolfe, who is married but whose wife now lives in Connecticut, retired quietly in December, shortly after investigators questioned him about possible leaks. Colleagues of Ms. Watkins describe her as a reporter of unusual talent, who cultivated a wide variety of sources throughout the federal government.

Ali is a great reporter and I trust her judgment. Grim, who is now the Washington bureau chief of The Intercept. The gray-haired father of two stood out amid the young crowd who gathered for barbecues in Ms. She introduced him as Jim, her boyfriend. He slowly earned the trust of Democratic and Republican officials alike — sometimes sitting in on briefings so sensitive that most aides were asked to leave the room. But one colleague said there was an element of the indictment that was less surprising: that Mr. Wolfe had been having an affair. When he met Ms. Watkins in the fall ofMr. Wolfe was married to his second wife, Jane Rhodes Wolfe, a former F.

Watkins was in her senior year at Temple University. She grew up in a small eastern Pennsylvania town and apprenticed at local papers before landing a coveted internship at the Washington bureau of McClatchy. In recent years, she has zipped around Washington on a motorcycle, taken boxing lessons and doted on her Husky, Kellan, whom she outfitted Watkins sex dating a Putin chew toy. Her reporting led to a series in that revealed the C.

It earned her a full-time slot at McClatchy after graduation.

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It also brought her closer to Mr. In Octoberafter Ms. Wolfe took her to a rooftop bar to celebrate her 23rd birthday; before the night was over, they kissed. The charges were later dropped by prosecutors, as were other charges that Ms. Wolfe made in that her former husband had broken into her house, records show. If any serious charges had been successfully prosecuted, Mr. Wolfe might have lost his security clearance.

Watkins told people Watkins sex dating was aware of Mr. Instead, she was concerned how a romantic entanglement might affect her journalism. But becoming romantically involved is widely viewed as a conflict, opening a journalist to accusations of bias. Watkins initially sought advice from a Huffington Post editor, Amanda Terkel, who warned her that critics can use personal relationships against journalists. Editors there decided they were comfortable with her continuing to cover intelligence because Ms.

Watkins said she was not using Mr. Wolfe as a source. Other journalists at the site had managed their own relationships with partners in government: one editor, Sam Stein, was married to a member of the Barack Obama administration, a fact he disclosed in stories. Stein, one of her editors at Huffington Post. Her clips caught the attention of BuzzFeed News, which hired her in late

Watkins sex dating

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