Swingers couple story. Swinging.

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I love being shared around and swallowing up every drop of cum that comes my way. My wife and her best friend came to me and asked for a three-way.

Swinging and Sex Parties - My Experience - STORYTIME

I obliged and we all enjoyed exploring one another and discovering new things about ourselves. A surprising turn of events for this kinky couple as they get invited to a younger couples home and embark on some seriously sexy adventures.

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This story is filled with everything you could ever want as they swap partners, fuck one another and blow each others minds. I really recommend reading part 1 before reading this story as it will give you context and get you very hot under the collar.

It is all about a couple who swing with her close friend who actually has the hots for her. Nathan and his wife open up their relationship to a gorgeous male stranger who fucks Nathans wife whilst Nathan must look on from the corner of the hotel room.

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I love seeing it from Nathans perspective especially when she starts to cum all over the strangers cock. One of my favorite sex stories that is filled with horny people swinging at a sex party in a warm and quiet part of Europe.

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See it from the perspective of the woman who attended this elite party with her friend and read all about how she swings with various men, including her best friend. My boyfriend and I found ourselves on a nudist beach, we stumbled across it and decided we liked the freedom of being so far from home and being totally naked.

My girlfriend was amazing in bed and when she wanted something she usually got it.

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So when she decided to let my friend in with us in the bedroom, I obliged. She blew his mind and quite frankly she blew mine.

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It is an insane story with lots of rivetting erotic twists and turns that leave you needing more. Amy takes over my blog and tells us all about the time she had a heart thumping threesome with two friends at a frat party. Amy gets fucked in both holes and not only does she blow their minds they actually blow hers.

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At a private sex party our protaganist finds herself having sex with four different men and swallowing all of their cum in one. Lola takes us back to one of her raunchy summer days and this time we get to experience an insane threesome with her and her friends. She is seduced and blows all three of their minds with her cock skills and just how so damn hot she is.

She even lets them all cum on her face, which is so satisfying to read.

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Out clubbing with her friend they meet a man who takes them back to his place and once there they have some of the most jaw-dropping sex, orgasms and anal I have ever heard about in my life from an amateur.

Swingers couple story. Swinging.

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