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Another story I hear often from my clients is that they often feel cute or maybe even "pretty", but hardly ever sexy. That's one of our curses as females. We don't see our potential. We put ourselves in "cute" boxes and when someone suggests that we are sexy, we laugh it off. No way. One of my biggest strengths is showing women how sexy they are.

I want them to embrace themselves as powerful and, GASP, sexual beings. It's much easier for us to grasp the concept that we are hard workers, decent moms, devoted wives. But the sexy thing is harder for us to recognize. But I promise, if you come in to my Austin boudoir studio for a boudoir experience, I'll show you. The shoot won't Sexy women in Austin like you're trying too hard to be someone else. I think so many people book boudoir experiences with me thinking "Well, I'm not going to look as amazing as the other women on her website, but if I can walk away with one good picture of myself I'll be happy.

Miss M had a specific aesthetic in mind that, to me, resembled magazine cover portraits. She had a very regal and poised look about her, and we worked together beautifully to create an elegant set of portraiture and boudoir images. Read about her experience below:. I walked out of the shoot feeling confident, driven and fearless. The whole experience was absolutely fabulous and it has been so empowering knowing that I did it for myself.

When I look at my boudoir pictures, I'm empowered to see myself in a new light that reflects so much more of who I am and what I want to be. Finding the right words for this post was far more challenging than most others. But I think I have a point to make, and I'll do my best getting there Hey, my blog, my rules. I find a lot of similarities between yoga and boudoir. Though I don't regularly practice yoga any longer, I used to be die hard.

During that time of daily yoga, I was so at peace with myself, mentally and physically. I was so aware of how I was feeling emotionally, and so aware of every part of my body. I felt like I had superpowers because I was SO in tune with myself, and so in tune with everyone that I held near and dear.

I learned to accept where I was in Sexy women in Austin practice and not necessarily aim for perfection.

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We all know that "comparison is the thief of joy" It wasn't about how I always seemed to be lightyears behind "front-row Caitlin" in my abilities, it was about how much "back-row Kara" had improved from the day before. I learned to love myself. I never did learn to do crow pose, but I learned to be ok with that. As I've fine-tuned my boudoir technique and client coaching over the years, I've drawn so much from my yoga practice. From coaching breathing, relaxation, and body awareness, to self acceptance and not comparing yourself to "front-row Caitlin", there are just so many parallels.

A proper boudoir experience isn't about what my other clients are doing, what they're wearing, or what they look like. A proper boudoir experience is about YOU. It's about loving yourself as you are today. It's about recognizing how far you've come in your life journey, and giving yourself a big, loving, bear hug.

It's about being able to look back on that moment in time for the rest of your life and reminding yourself how amazing you are. For all of these reasons, I've been visualizing a nude yoga photo Sexy women in Austin for years. The female form is just so stunning It IS art. Add in some absolutely breathtaking yoga poses, and you've got a seriously awe-inspiring set of photos. A client of mine happens to be one of Austin's finest yoga instructors and when I bounced this idea off of her and told her that I was basically going to be zero help in the pose direction polar opposite of my regular boudoir sessions where I direct every inch of the bodyshe was so enthusiastic and receptive to the idea and began planning the poses.

The session was genuinely a breeze for me, though obviously, she had her work cut out for her. I can't take much credit for this one. Compared to the constant direction on posing and body movement that I give in my boudoir sessions, I felt very inificant in this collaboration. But, alas, the finished product turned out so much better than I had imagined, largely due to Miss R's badassness and Sexy women in Austin.

So this is my weekly rambling blog reminder to you to love yourself, appreciate yourself, respect yourself I'm talking to myself, too. There probably won't be enough client stories and reviews that will make you believe that even YOU will love images of yourself. But let's try for just one more, shall we? I'm a woman I nitpick.

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I'm not proud of it, but I do. I am getting MUCH better about that In the meantime, there's professional photographers like yours truly. I wish I kept track of the of women who came in to me saying they were SO nervous about this experience because they aren't photogenic, they hate photos of themselves, they aren't as thin as the women on my website, etc etc. Guess who calls bullshit? It's not my client's job to take amazing photos of them. It's mine. And I will. I didn't know how to prepare for it other than the typical "let me lose weight and tone up before I strip down in front of a camera!

Needless to say, on the day of my shoot, Sexy women in Austin did not feel like being sexy. She explained what to expect during the shoot and how to make a sexy pouty face. And just like that, the shoot was over and I could eat fried chicken again. I was feeling happy and normal again and SO ready to see the pictures. This was far more exciting than the shoot itself.

I couldn't believe how much I loved the pictures. I wasn't sure if I would like pictures of myself taken by someone else. Honestly, I was most terrified of seeing professional pictures and still picking myself apart in each image. This is where 'trust the professional' really comes into play. Kara knows what she's doing and DAMN it felt good seeing myself like that. And I want to tell everyone that you will look like that in your own photoshoot, too. These are for me to show myself how beautiful I am and to preserve when I'm 80 and no longer have my younger body.

I highly recommend everyone do this, even if there is no special recipient in mind - YOU can be the special recipient of these beautiful images. And if you're wishing and hoping that she printed some of these for her wall, you'll be pleased to know she went BIG Just another example of a woman in shock at how much she loved photos of herself.

She walked away with boosted confidence, self love, a mega thick boudoir album, and the most badass wall art pieces for over her bed that anyone could ask for!

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I know it's not always easy to place your trust in a stranger when it comes to seeing yourself in this manner. I photograph each and every client as I would want to be photographed. From the moment you book your shoot experience with me, you are in my hands, you are under my wing, and you are part of the Kara Marie Boudoir family.

Consider me Mother Goose I'll take amazing care of you. I see the story of a woman who is beautiful, brave, strong and interesting, a woman who has enough confidence to unapologetically love and accept herself as she is. Love and peace. If you want to feel great about yourself in a way you haven't felt before, you must have a shoot with Kara. And by the way, I am not staring at them picking myself apart.

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Thank you to Miss A for the amazing blog feature! Ready to trust me?? Let's chat. Last Name.

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