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He's short. He's hairy. He's got a bad temper. Somehow, that makes him irresistible. Of course, we're talking about Wolverine. He's also been very attractive. It might be his gruff exterior with a tender heart, his powerful muscles or his dangerous skills, but whatever it is, it makes him the best at what he does Wolverine has been with a huge of women in the Marvel Universe.

It might be easier to list the women he hasn't been with than the ones he has been. However, Sex dating in Wolverine this list, we'll be focusing on Wolverine's sexual relationships so we won't be covering the romantic standards like Mariko, Charlemagne or Itsu. We'll also be focusing on some of the more unusual pairings and alternate realities with a Wolverine you may not be aware of.

With the smash hit with critics and audiences Logan still in theaters, now's as good a time as any for CBR to go over 15 people who been to bed with Wolverine Logan or otherwise! She dated and eventually married Reed Richards, also known as Mr.

Sue has gotten the attention of many men like Namor the Sub-Mariner, but she always went back to Reed. In an alternate reality, Sue was Madame Hydra, leader of a Hydra organization that devastated her world. She had either killed or brainwashed most of the heroes on Earth, and made Wolverine her lover. They made a deadly combination. After being accidentally exposed to radiation, Danvers was changed into a superhuman warrior. Calling herself Ms. Marvel, she became a solo heroine and a member of the Avengers, where she took on the role as the new Captain Marvel.

They knew each other for decades as friends and partners, but apparently it went a little further.

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They've referred to their relationship in the past and it apparently got steamy, but they're old pros now. Storm came from Africa and Wolverine from Canada. The two had powers and attitudes that tied them to the wild, and both had fierce tempers, so maybe that's why they showed an attraction to each other.

Storm ended up divorced from T'Challa, which was bad news for her, but good news for Wolverine. The two mutants began running the Jean Grey School together, and Wolverine and the X-Men 24 made them a couple for real.

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With all that lightning and sharp claws, they're a dangerous Sex dating in Wolverine. Even though Wolverine has always been known as a rippling mass of machismo, another person who took on the name was Laura Kinney, also known as X As a female clone, she took over as Wolverine when Logan died. She was raised from birth as a brutal killing machine, and as a teenager, she was forced into prostitution, leaving her with emotional scars.

She's not known for her affairs like Daken and Logan, but over time, she's become more in touch with her feelings and open to love. This wasn't the Angel from the original X-Men who became Archangel, but a version of Angel taken from the past to the present. The two had a physical relationship, but Warren thought she took too many chances, and broke it off. At least she got to fly. Red Sonja, created in by Roy Thomas and Barry Windsor Smith in Conan the Barbarian 23, is a fierce warrior in her own right who fights for the weak.

Blessed by a goddess with her skills, she can never be with any man who can't best her in combat. Since not even Conan can beat her, she's been single for a long time. That changed in 's What If? With her vow, Wolverine was free to take her heart and body like no one had before. In the mainstream Marvel Universe, Elektra and Wolverine didn't go much beyond that, but in the MC2 universe, they did. The MC2 universe was an alternate timeline that focused on the children of the mainstream heroes.

We're not sure what brought her over to Logan's side.

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Maybe their shared love of sharp blades and Japanese culture. Wolverine did it with the Earth. That obviously needs some explanation. Thousands of years in the future, humanity was left on an Earth that couldn't support them anymore. To survive, Susan Richards and the Defenders who became Fantastic Force brought billions of people to the 21st Century where they settled on a new Earth. Unfortunately, that left Gaea the spirit of the Earth weakened and enraged, and in 's Fantastic Force 3 Joe Ahearn, Steve Kurthshe went after them. Bringing some of the most powerful beings as her Hysteries, Gaea almost destroyed Nu-Earth until Wolverine agreed to go back to the future with her.

He gave her his healing factor by getting her pregnant, bringing her back from insanity. That's how Logan's lovin' saved the planet, by literally rocking the world. Originally a police officer named Sara Pezzini, a mystical gauntlet known as the Witchblade bonded Sex dating in Wolverine her to give her the power to cover herself with weapons and armor. Chris Claremont and Eric Basaldua created the crossover, where Sara and Logan lost their memories and married each other. They discovered some villains had given them false memories just to torture them with the loss, which Wolverine and Witchblade were able to fight off.

Together, they slashed their way back to normal and to freedom. It wasn't a deep story, but it's still a notch on Logan's bedpost. There's been more than one person who's worn the mask of Wolverine. For a time, Wolverine's son Daken carried the mantle.

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Daken's first full appearance was in Wolverine: Origins 11 Daniel Way, Steve Dillon inwhere it was explained he had Logan's claws and savagery. When Norman Osborn formed a team of Avengers with supervillains posing as the original heroes, Daken became their Wolverine.

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Daken has had affairs with both men and women, using his sexuality to manipulate others. Heat pills are an addictive hallucinogen that even took away Daken's healing factor. Roston turned out to be a psychopath who controlled Daken and others with his drugs.

Not just a simple roll in the hay. Uncanny X-Men 30 introduced Dazzler, a mutant with the power to turn sound waves into light, from blinding strobe lights to laser beams. She's been a member of the X-Men since the s, where she worked alongside Wolverine, but mainly had eyes for her partner Longshot. After the horrific ordeal, Wolverine decided he would "move forward" with his life, which meant going into Dazzler's room and sitting on her bed.

She turned off the lights as they moved towards each other. The series ended, but we know their night Sex dating in Wolverine just beginning. The series was about a group of X-Men taken from different realities to find 10 evil versions of Professor X. He had his metal skeleton and claws, but they were made of adamantine instead of adamantium. The controversy came from Howlett's relationship with Hercules, the Greek demigod. Yes, in this reality, Wolverine was bisexual, and the two men shared a passionate kiss in 's X-Treme X-Men In our world, this caused a big stir, but in the X-Treme X-Men world, the only controversy was that Zeus had forbidden any mortals and gods from being together.

Felicia Hardy was first introduced in 's The Amazing Spider-Man by Marv Wolfman and Keith Pollard, where she decided to follow in her father's footsteps as a cat burglar. She's had a romance with Spider-Man for years, but it was nothing compared to the sparks between her and Wolverine. Jimmy Palmiotti, Joseph Michael Linsner and Justin Gray first brought the two together in 's Clawswhere they were captured and dropped onto an island to be hunted for sport by Arcade.

InClaws II picked up right where the first left off, sending the two on a new adventure. Along the way, the flirting between Black Cat and Wolverine turned into something more in between the kicking and slashing. In addition to her skill with guns and hand-to-hand combat, she's a mutant with the power to change her luck to her benefit.

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