Love in red dial

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Ressence is peerless.

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Since Belgian industrial deer Benoit Mintiens founded the company 11 years ago there hasn't been a watch quite like it. ROCS, short for the Ressence Orbital Convex System, is a mechanism that allows for a regulator-style display showing the hours, the seconds, and the day of the week in their own satellite subdials, with the minutes taking up the central part of the display and emanating from the center, more or less.

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As the minutes unfold, the other displays rotate, a carousel of easy-reading time. InRessence revamped the de of its first model, the Type 1, giving it a thinner 11mm as opposed to 13mm ovoid shape accentuated by a concave area near the lugs.

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It's also now more integrated — the case and lugs are milled from a single block of grade-5 titanium. Originally presented in black, the Type 1 Slim has also been made in blue, silver, and white-dialed variations, as well as an olive green dial last year, part of a series dedicated to Ressence's 10th anniversary. While not a limited edition per se, the red-dialed version here will be produced only inplacing a natural constraint on how many of these Type 1 Slim Reds will be made and will end up on collectors' wrists.

For all the brand's originality, vibrant dials haven't played a part in Ressence watches. Instead, a traditional range of dial executions — the expected whites, blues, blacks, and silvers — balanced the outside-the-box thinking behind the ROCS display.

One exception was a unique red version of the Type 3, the inspiration for this red Type 1, made in red to benefit the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation last year. The Type 1 Slim wears its splash of color well.

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Despite the more or less monochromatic execution of the dial, there's no compromise on legibility. White hands and pale grey minute markers stand out in stark contrast to the red depth of the interface's background, ensuring at-a-glance reading of the time. The hour and minute hands are further defined and framed by rhodium edging.

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This framing better defines the two main time-telling hands on the interface. The dial's markings are brought up in white and red Super-LumiNova, ensuring a vibrant and legible reading experience at night, too. One can't really talk about Ressence without talking about de.

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As ingenious as the ROCS system driving the watch is, all the critical gearing is hidden away inside. What makes Ressence work, in my opinion, is the ease of reading and using it, and that comes from de. One could tell pretty easily that the mechanism at the heart of a Ressence watch was married to a good de. This is a point worth noting because there is a tendency among independent watchmakers to lean the other way — given free rein to explore the creativity of pure watchmaking, other considerations run the risk of becoming an afterthought, as in: "Oh right, now let's pick the font to grace the dial on top of the amazing movement.

A combination of good de, original feature set, and intuitive display — which is so central to what I have come to expect from Ressence — is manifest in this slim red watch. Even if vibrant red is pretty unusual for a Ressence, the color bestows upon the Type 1 a newfound sporty character that works well with the light, grade-5 titanium case.

On the one hand, such a bright red dial and strap feel like they could slice the potential pool of collectors pretty thin. But I've been surprised by who, and how many, I've seen express interest in this watchmaker. Anecdotally, it is one of Love in red dial very few high-end watches that friends and acquaintances who are not really "watch people" ask me about, and almost certainly the only one from the ranks of indies.

I suspect that Ressence is able to reach not only watch enthusiasts on HODINKEE, but also the "watch curious," by virtue of that original display and an equally strong de.

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And come on, a new red Ressence is pretty rad. For more, visit Ressence.

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Love in red dial

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