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So how do we combat our increasingly fatigued faces? Myth expelled: lost sleep cannot be caught up on. A greater risk is observed when the sleep pattern changes abruptly — after the weekend, for instance. Using a light alarm clock means that you will gradually be drawn out of your slumber as the dawn i. Try and set it for the same time each day. The changing seasons can be one of the main culprits when it comes to looking tired. When the summer months roll around, the blue skies are more forgiving, brightening the look of your skin in natural light and making you look more awake.

A study of 5, women throughout the seasons found that circles and bags under the eyes appear ificantly darker in the colder months. The lack of vitamin D makes us feel more lethargic and sleepy looking. Failing that, use light-reflecting products on your face to make the most of the light you do have.

How Tired -Looking Eyes can be Treated Surgically or Non-Surgically, and Choosing Approach

For a dewy glow, whatever the sky is doing. This means we have higher levels of carbon monoxide in our blood which can make us more tired. This also affects our faces, as bad circulation caused by the lack of oxygen in fluid building up within the tissues around the eyes, leading to bloated faces. Sleeping on your side or stomach can encourage fluids to collect under your eyes so try to sleep on your back, at least for the few hours before you have to get up. Stress expert Neil Shah also suggests that we should practice deeper breathing to ensure our bodies are oxygenated as they should be.

Even mild dehydration can make us look and feel lethargic. The hydration calculator will tell you your precise daily water quota. If you wake up with raw or sensitive skin on your face, it could be that your thread count is too high, causing irritation.

Dyed bed linen can also add to this facial aggravation, exacerbating the tired appearance of your skin so opt for low-thread count white linen if tired-looking, blotchy morning skin is becoming a concern.

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Sleeping on your side or back is preferable too; lying on your stomach pushes your face into the harsh cotton causing more inflammation still. The ideal choice is silk sheets that glides across the skin — amino acids found in silk could prevent premature ageing. We know that sugar is the nemesis of beautiful skin. When blood sugar increases, sugar can attach itself to collagen in a process called glycation, making the skin look stiff.

Losing the elastic resilience of young skin will give you deep wrinkles and make you look old. Research from Uppsala University in Sweden also shows that the sleep-starved select bigger portion sizes. The best sources include salmon, turkey, cottage cheese and grapes — which are brilliant for your skin too. A slouched-over posture puts extra strain on your hips and back making you feel more tired than you actually are.

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But just walking around instead of staying stuck at your desk helps implicitly. Sitting in one position for long periods of time can drain our energy levels; a study by the Aeromedical Research Laboratory found that people who were tired performed better standing up than sitting down. The rise and rise of acids has led to a new wave of women sweeping away dead skin cells and grime to reveal clearer, fresher skin. These fruit acids dissolve the top layer of dead skin cells and resurface the skin by allowing the active new skin cells underneath to spring to the surface for plumper and brighter skin.

If after all that you wake up with a tired, puffy face a cool hit of a refrigerated jade roller will finish the job for you. Here are our top tips on how to stop looking and feeling tired. How to change bad habits Myth expelled: lost sleep cannot be caught up on.

Why sunlight matters for skin The changing seasons can be one of the main culprits when it comes to looking tired. You may also like. Why sugar is the nemesis of awake-looking skin We know that sugar is the nemesis of beautiful skin. How bad posture affects your mental health and how to remedy it. How to combat a tired face via your beauty routine.

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