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Just over a year and a half ago, I moved to Reno, Nevada. I had no idea what it was like to live here as a something. My dad was the one Lifestyle in Reno NV hyping up Reno. My mom and dad moved to downtown Reno about a year before I did and were loving it. Here goes nothing. This le me to my second point.

And while charming and in the heart of one of my favorite cities, that is a steep price to pay. In Reno, my apartment at 3rd Street Flats was sq. This is considered a steep price in Reno—overpriced even—but I loved being right in downtown, walking distance to work, restaurants and bars. Frankly, after being in Boston, that Reno rent felt oh so good.

Now, I rent a house with my best friend. Street parking is a breeze. Have you heard of Elon Musk? On top of that, tech startups are growing like weeds or maybe breeding like rabbits is a better analogy? All this growth in the workforce also means a demand for better food, cocktails, and attractions. You may have even seen my reviews on Yelp.

I, like so many, had low expectations of the Reno food scene. My food preferences have evolved beyond stuffing my face with nigiri and tempura rolls though I definitely still doand Reno evolved, too. Reno food has by far and away exceeded my expectations over the last year. Seriously, check out my Yelp reviews or slide into my DMs for recommendations.

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Reno also has a growing brewery and distillery scene. Many of them are part of the 4th St. A few years back it was sketchy AF. You can live downtown or in MidTown and walk to both areas. You can grab breakfast and brunch or a cocktail and a show at the Pioneer Center.

There are culture and activity in a very centralized location. That said, I definitely think you need a car in Reno. Rose Highway. So, if you like to leave the city bubble, a car is pretty essential. This one is simple. Reno weather consists of hot, dry summers; cool, crisp falls; dreamy, snowy winters and magical springs.

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All the magic, none of the snowmaggedons. This is the biggest con of living in Reno. Hell, I used the bus in Manchester, NH on more than one occasion and that was something no one recommended. But Reno public transportation has never felt like a viable way to get around Lifestyle in Reno NV city. I hope that as the city evolves, bus systems will, too. Remember all those people I mentioned that are moving to Reno?

That said, perspective is important. In Boston, you had to rent an apartment months in advance of your move-in date and fees were insane. All things considered in Reno, I think housing is pretty easy to find and new apartments are being built throughout the city all the time.

Reno is Vegas-esque in the sense that it is full of casinos. And sure, like all casinos, there are slot machines, pokers and, depending on where you go, smoking indoors. For some, the fact that Reno has casinos may be a con.

Reno casinos have some great food, relaxing spas and nice accommodations. So, really, Reno casinos are somewhere between a pro and con. Sparks—like much of the area—has its own revival going on and cost of living is even cheaper than in Reno with new apartments going in all the time.

PROS AND CONS of Living in Reno Nevada

I get it. Bingo night sounds ridiculous and conjures up visuals of a senior facility and a large stark white hall. There are bottles of wine, dirty jokes and money to be won. The memories and people watching are priceless. Get there by 6 p.

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The game starts at 7 p. I have found myself there belting Patsy Cline songs on more than one occasion. This post is going to be a living, breathing piece of content. Have pro-tips for new Renoites? Thoughts on the Biggest Little City? Share them in the comments below.

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So great SEO. Glad I found the. This was really easing to read. I really liked your comments about the casinos and the spas. Knowing someone around my age moved out of state as well. You went for it. In my experiences, South Korea had the best public transportation with fast, continuous, 24 hour service. Houston has the worst. Just trust me on that…. Another plus is that they are paying the drivers a lot better these. Before the pay increase, their drivers were extremely rude, aggressive, and aloof.

Since the pay increase, customer service has gotten better.

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First, the homeless population seems to dominate the downtown bus station. I get asked for change from the same homeless person everyday. Second, homeless people board the bus with dirty clothes and you never know who sat in the seat before you. Imagine going to a job interview only to find out that you have some weird odor on your clothing. Third, the downtown bus station seems a bit unsafe and the police are there every single day. Also, a homeless shelter is just around the corner from 4th Street Station. Public transportation is an economically inferior service.

Pros of Living in Reno Nevada has no corporate or personal income tax. The cost of living is relatively low in Reno. The Reno food and drink scene is more than just casino buffets and bars. While I recommend having a car, downtown and MidTown Reno are walkable. You get all 4 seasons in Reno, but snowfall is manageable and magical.

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Cons of Living in Reno Reno public transportation leaves something to be desired. Reno housing is competitive. So are Dayton and Fallon. Until the next update, here goes nothing. Nichole Schembre August 9, at am Reply. Dolan January 6, at pm Reply. Awesome post; thinking about moving there myself. Thanks for the inside info!

Lifestyle in Reno NV

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