Indian wife swapping. Swinging.

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Cheating has been given the new dimension of being accepted if it is with consent. The culture of swapping wives for pleasure has taken the country, much against its belief of marriage being sacred and physical intimacy to take place between married couples only. And no, it is not just the game of rich and elite — people from all walks of life are participating in wife swapping — between known couples and unknown willing strangers. Is swinging spicing up love and passion between couples, married or otherwise? Well, the answer is a big yes. Swinging is that little dirty secret that is coming out of the closet in India with couples exploring options to spice up their sex life.

And the real reason for swinging has been beautifully summed up here. Wife swapping, or swinging, is the exchange of wives between two couples, consensually, to engage in sexual pleasures. Some people like to swap between known coupleswhile some prefer swinging with complete strangers. The later is the more preferred way since the former is believed to burden the parties involved with feelings like guilt.

Though the concept of exchanging wives for sexual pleasures was unfathomable until a few years ago, the Indian community is warming up to the idea. Swinging, as it is commonly referred to, appeals to couples who try to break away from monotonous married life and are looking outside the marriage for fulfilling their sexual desires and fantasies without any guilt trips.

Both partners in the matrimony are expected to know about what is happening and accept each other as if nothing has happened. The concept of cheating with consent is not new, and now it is not limited to the royal or elite class. People from all walks of life are indulging in this culture of exchanging wives. Thanks to the Internet and smartphones, what was first talked about in hushed tones now find its way via evocative texts, pictures and lot more.

A few decades ago, wife swapping was like a secret underground trend. Not anymore. Swinging is a trend of cheating but with consent. Indian couples are warming up to this idea of enjoying sexual escapades guilt-free. In India, though hushed, wife swapping is a common affair.

And if you Indian wife swapping. Swinging. the swinging culture is only a high-end metro city affair, you are wrong. Wife swapping has its roots in small towns, within the low socio-economic groups too. The new-age couple is all pepped up, open, liberal and most importantly globetrotters. For them, having sex with just one partner sounds like a no-fun proposal.

The new matrimonial bliss formula Indian wife swapping. Swinging. days is to build open relationships, allowing complete freedom and transparency. People willingly engage themselves in such parties that encourage sleeping with wives of other men and enjoy the experience. Not to forget that this arrangement does not always have a happy ending — sometimes partners develop intense, intimate feelings for their swing partners, and sometimes they are unable to cope with their guilt or the thought of their partner being with someone else.

Obviously, it is always too late to act in such situations. Have you got an invitation to a party in a private house, farmhouse, elite club or a mini-vacation to an exotic location? A whole new world of adventure under the sheets is waiting to be explored.

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So how do you get invited to such parties? You need to get started online, as there are many websites where you can register and get started. Related reading: This is the reason why couples are getting into swinging for sex. The swinging parties are governed by some rules. You are not allowed to carry cell phones and cameras and a background check is done. This is to ensure confidentiality. Most swinging party organisers meet the husbands and wives separately to explain the rules. During the party, men either pick up the heels of the women who are there, or women pick up car keys.

Accordingly, the owner of the heels is swapped with the wife of the man for a whole night of casual, sexual fun. Related reading: 7 things to remember before starting the swapping lifestyle. It may sound strange that people enjoy their spouses having sex with other people outside the marriage, but it is true. The reasons why wife swapping is accepted as a lifestyle have been summed below:.

Swinging has taken urban India by storm, and in a country that believes in the sanctity of the institution of marriage and swears chastity, it also comes as a surprise. Sometimes, swapping in emotional connections that involve a lot of pain and hurt. To have a successful relationship while swinging requires great stability in the relationship and great amounts of trust.

Swinging works only if a couple is very stable in their relationship and have very liberated minds. It may not be easy for Indian wife swapping. Swinging. average person to see their partner getting all aroused and climaxed by someone else, more so if he or she has not been able to do so. Couples who are instable and unsure of their relationship should not try swinging as it will likely ruin the marriage. Sexual infidelity is no stranger to a marriage, whether you like it or you do not.

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While many couples have their Indian wife swapping. Swinging. on every wife swapping party today, some withdraw after an episode or two. If having sex with one person all your life is dull or boring, and definitely not your cup of tea, then swinging is for you. It offers a venue to explore intimacy, passion and desires on a different level altogether.

Instead of cheating clandestinely, swinging offers a platform to be partners in a crime that only offers sexual bliss. Swinging is here to stay. Like it, hate it or love it — take it in your stride. For those who are happy with their partner, let porn be their source of excitement.

Story of the man whose wife approved of his 17 girlfriends. Hi, very nice topic. We are also planning to give a try to swapping. Interested couples can me at [ protected]. We are couple, rest we can discuss. Really nice narration on reality. Thanks for such informative article. India was and still has been a conservative country.

Strict social norms, religious boundaries and rigid family values only makes it difficult for people with open minded attitude to live and express freely and fully. But, its good to see that people in India are coming out openly about their sexual choices and lifestyle preferences. To confess, I am Indian living abroad with my wife.

I had strong feelings and inclination towards wife-sharing since long. But being born and brought up in India, I had spent many years hiding such feelings and pretend to be normal for society. But finally when I couldnt control myself, I opened it to my wife.

Thankfully she understood and rather took it sportly. My wife had been with three men so far. One of them still takes my wife on regular dates. Me and wife are happy with our lifestyle choices. It only strengthen our relationships as husband wife. You must be logged in to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Spice It Up. Team Bonobology April 20, Table of Contents. Wives swapping. Couples opt swapping to spice up relationship.

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Indian wife swapping. Swinging.

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