I want a man to take care of me

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Getting a man to take care of you in an age where independent women are the norm takes a specific skill set. But don't worry, you can easily learn them.

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We'll go over each of the skills individually. So what's the lure in having a man take care of you?

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I'll give you my list I would rather have flowers in my hair than wear a business suit. I would rather tend to the needs of a man who gives me jewelry, clothing, food, shelter, and security than slave away 40 hours a week with people who are only worried about crunching. I would rather create an atmosphere of love and desire with a man than watch my back, be in fear for my job, or cater to the egos of people that don't even care about me. Instead, you should look for the type of man who will always stand by your side and help you when you're down and out. A stand-up kind of gentleman.

When I was in my early 20s I couldn't wait to make my own money.


After about ten years, I realized it was complete bull crap. Corporate and the workplace in general isn't worth the stress. But it did teach me one useful thing Just because you leave the workforce does not mean you leave work behind completely. Practicing charm sometimes takes verbal self-control. It can be tough at first but you will be rewarded for it with a man who wants to shower you with love, gifts, and happiness.

Whether I worked with colleagues internal clients or customers external clientstreating people how they want to be treated made my life so much easier -- even if I didn't always feel the person deserved such nice treatment. This is called having charm, and it can take a woman far. Rather than having 10, 20, or more clients at work to appease, when you are taken care of by a man, you only have one client to charm.

That makes life so much easier. And when I say client, I mean figuratively.

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When you are in a relationship with someone, it is smart to think of them as a client. Because you will most often get out of the person what you put into them. Charming a man is a skill that every woman in a relationship should practice. We are the softer sex, and men love us for those softer qualities. US Federal Government.

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Public Domain. You might think to yourself, "I'm no robot. I don't want to kiss his behind. Don't you want to be treated the same way? Everything in that list is a positive social skill. And most people, especially in our modern world, do not get treated in a positive manner by most of the people they run into -- whether at work, home, or on the street. When your man is treated with love and respect by you, he will give you the world. That is what charm does.

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This skill in itself is sometimes a heart-wrenching task in women's lives, but it doesn't have to be. Think of it in terms of business. Find a client that has obvious promise a good man and create a contract that will be beneficial to both of you marriage.

You will not be truly secure in letting a man take care of you until you are both married. The marriage contract creates an obligation that you will be there for each other, emotionally, physically Without that marital contract you won't have health insurance, you can be put on the street without reprise, his finances aren't legally shared with you, and you won't have the respect that comes with marriage.

When you think about how to get a man to take care of you, those needs are your bottom line. When you have found the right man, you still need that protection for your own peace of mind. Personal Finance. Related Articles. By Terry Sacia. By Ward Salud. By Magdalena Todor. By Yves. By Jeremy Gill. By Cymon Snow. By Ahmad Salim Marouf. By Olivia Mills. By Md Abir Hossain. By ixwa. By Susan W. By Patrick

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How to Get a Man to Take Care of You