I want a birthday date

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The babyMed future birthday calculator calculates the right days to have sex if you want the baby to have a specific birth date. Once you calculate future birth date and know when to have sex, get your personal fertility report to find out if you are fertile.

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In order to get pregnant, ovulation has to happen and you need to have sex during your fertile window. Pinpoint your due date with Obie With the Obie app, you can accurately predict your pregnancy milestones based on your cycle history.

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Some women try to calculate pregnancy so that their baby is born under a certain astrological or a specific birth date that is meaningful to them. Pregnancy is always unpredictable, so specific forecasts for birth don't always pan out. You might want a summer birth for more fun, outdoor birthday parties, or a winter baby so that he or she will get to celebrate during the school year with friends from class. However, the season during which you have your baby could actually have a more important role than birthday planning.

Babies born in the spring months were more likely to have a higher birth weight than those born in the summer months.

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The same might hold true for the hot summer months. Spending time in direct sunlight might cause a slowing in the development of the fetus, which would cause a lower than average birth weight.

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The spring months are usually the most temperate, so the fetus will not be exposed to drastic temperature changes between hot and cold, which will allow for a more consistent rate of development. Of course, seasonal changes are not the only thing that might affect birth weight, so this study should not be taken as the final word.

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Millions of babies are born in the heat of the summer and they turn out perfectly normal. Obie gives you personalized expert guidance, helping you improve your fertility and reproductive health. Log In Up. Follow us on Instagram. Our app takes the guesswork out of getting pregnant.

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Get Obie for iOS Now! Tools » Fertility Tools. Year Download app. Keyword Tags:.

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Pregnancy Calendar. Start using Obie today!

I want a birthday date

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