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For more information or any further questions, please at If you have an after hours issue requiring immediate assistance, you can call the Clackamas County Juvenile Intake and Assessment Center. A juvenile counselor is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can provide information and referral services. The phone for the Intake and Assessment Center is Your child's education is important!

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A good place to start is by scheduling a meeting with your school's administrator. Between the two parties, try to identify and address all reasonable barriers to your child's success. Communicate regularly, and work closely as a team with your child's school. A long history of trying to respond to this problem has taught juvenile counselors that success, if it is going to occur, requires a commitment from all concerned parties.

Engaging the support of friends, other family members, school authorities, your local police department and, if a juvenile department counselor has been ased for a different reason, is a good place to start. As you take on this task, commitment, good communication and coordination is necessary on your part. Of course any illegal drug or alcohol use by or adolescent is reason for alarm. Whether it is your child's first attempt or there have been other occasions, now is the time to intervene and get help from a professional.

Level of use is broken down into five :. The form of help you obtain should depend on your child's level of use issues. Your first step Housewives seeking sex tonight Oregon City Oregon be to obtain a drug and alcohol assessment from a professional who is qualified to perform drug and alcohol assessments. Our staff regularly respond to this issue and are quite well prepared to guide you to appropriate resources. If your child has been involved in a law violation, it is up to a law enforcement agency to investigate.

If they find probable cause to believe that a crime was committed, they will forward their police report to the Juvenile Department. The case will be ased to a juvenile department counselor who will be responsible to manage the case.

Certain offenses require District Attorney review before juvenile department staff decides on how to proceed with the case. This plan may call for an informal dealing with the case informal probation conditions or formal processing of the case court hearings and judicial orders. Victims of juvenile crimes will also be involved in the juvenile department counselors planning. This question is probably the most frequent asked of all questions at the Juvenile Department. At the Juvenile Department we see a variety of definitions for the phrase "out of control".

On one hand some parents complain of defiance and Housewives seeking sex tonight Oregon City Oregon and on the other hand some parents report stories where their home has been severely damaged and they are fearful for their lives. If destruction of property is occurring or there is personal injury resulting from assaultive behavior, report these incidents to the police, or in the case of emergencies call Out of control behavior outside of these severe examples, it is advisable to talk with a professional, such as a family physician or counselor, as soon as possible.

There are several ways to approach the problem of an out of control. The following are some ideas which might prove helpful:. If you are certain your child ran away, you can call your local police department to file a runaway report.

If you do not live in an incorporated city and live in Clackamas County, call Clackamas County Sheriff's office and ask how to file a runaway report. Some police departments require that your child be away for at least 24 hours before a report will be accepted. While waiting for your child to return, or be located, you can use this time to educate yourself about your options and counseling resources.

You can also use this time to develop a plan to implement when your child returns home. If your child is taken into custody by a police officer, the first hope is to try and return your child to his or her home. There are some situations where returning a runaway to his or her home is not safe and your child's safety is our greatest concern. If your child is not returned home immediately, he or she may be taken to the Clackamas County Juvenile Intake and Assessment Center.

If is taken into custody, parents are contacted as soon as possible. If your child is taken to the Intake and Assessment Center, a release plan will be made within five 5 hours. During this maximum five hour period your child will meet with a juvenile department counselor, information will be gathered and a plan for his or her release will be made.

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You and your child will be told of counseling services which are available and, if necessary, your child can be placed in a temporary shelter home while a more permanent plan can be worked out. Counselors are available to help you and your child work out an agreeable plan for both of you.

Please be advised, if your child has only been taken into custody for runaway he will NOT be placed in detention, unless he or she is an out of state runaway. Out of State runaways can be placed in detention until arrangements can be made to return the runaway to his or her home state, ORS C.

In juvenile delinquency cases your child may be eligible for a court appointed attorney. As a parent of involved in a delinquent act, you are not eligible for a court appointed attorney. If the parent or the youth cannot afford to pay for the attorney, the court can so order an attorney be appointed.

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In dependency cases child abuse, neglect and abandonmentparents may be appointed attorneys. Again, this will be based upon financial and income level criteria.

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As the parent of involved in a delinquent act, you are not eligible for a court appointed attorney. You may, however, obtain an attorney to represent your interests if you think it is necessary. If eligible, in dependency cases, those involving child abuse, neglect or abandonmentparents may have attorneys appointed. The judge will review a parent's income as provided on a qualifying form and make a decision concerning eligibility. Only the court or the court's deee can authorize placement of a youth into a juvenile detention facility.

There are strict legal criteria outlining when a juvenile offender is eligible for detention. A parent cannot have their child placed in detention.

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Under most circumstances a juvenile's record can be destroyed at some point. The process of getting a juvenile record and associated police reports destroyed is called an expungement. Basically, there are three different paths to consider when thinking about expunction:. First, is the "automatic expunction". To be eligible for an automatic expunction the person must be 18 years of age or older and never been made a ward of the Court or placed on Court ordered probation. If eligible for this form of expunction, and ask to see if your child's record can be destroyed. The second option is a "Best Interest Expunction".

This method of pursuing expunction can be used by almost any person regardless of age or how long it has been since the case has been closed. People who apply for the Best Interest Expunction are typically those who are not yet eligible for an automatic expunction.

The third method to have a juvenile record destroyed is a "Five Year Expunction. The five year expunction applies whether Court wardship was established or not. You may apply for an expunction of your juvenile court records at any time. However, some limitations include:. The expunction laws are complex and, as such, if you think you qualify for an expunction, you might want to consider discussing your situation with the Juvenile Department - and ask to speak with someone about expunction.

Stalking orders are obtained through civil court. If you go to room in the Clackamas County courthouse, you will find stalking forms to complete. Clerks are available to assist you and they will set a court hearing for the judge to rule on the stalking motion. If you are a victim of property crime, and ask for the Victim Impact Program. You will be given an update on your case if it has arrived at the Juvenile Department and hearing notification if one has been scheduled.

You may also request information about your rights as a victim or other support services. In most circumstances, you should be able to know the general plan for your case within four weeks after it is received by the Juvenile Department. The Juvenile Court process is not secret and the Victim Services Coordinator can provide information to best understand the flow of your case and possible outcomes. Court proceedings are open to the public and the involvement and participation of victims is especially encouraged. If you are a victim of a person to person crime, please contact the District Attorney's Office for Victim Assistance at or 24 Hour Crisis Line.

You always have the right to call and inquire as to the status of the case and what the outcome is. When the case is resolved, the Juvenile Department will send you an outcome letter along with the conditions the youth are obligated to abide by and complete.

We will send a Closing Letter notifying you when the case is closed. It is very important to keep your address updated with the Juvenile Department. If you do not wish to receive any communications, please let us know. It is your choice. Whenever a victim has incurred a loss as a result of a property offense committed by a juvenile, our department's philosophy is to try to restore that loss to you. This can be done in a of ways. Our department has a victim offender mediation program where the offender and the victim can meet and enter into an agreement whereby a victim's loss can be restored.

Regardless of your choice to participate in a Victim-Offender Dialogue, you have the right to request restitution to be paid to you from an offender who caused your loss. It is very important that the Juvenile Department be made aware of any requests as soon as possible.

Not providing such notification and supporting documentation in a timely manner may result in your right being forfeited. Please and ask for the Victim Impact Program. You can also print and complete the electronic Financial Loss Form. The judge may order a money judgment on the youth, meaning that if the youth does Housewives seeking sex tonight Oregon City Oregon pay you, the state can garnish the youth's wages, file liens against the youth's property or withhold any income tax rebates the youth may have.

Again, these are all attempts to restore your losses. You may also seek civil remedy of your case against the parents of the offender to recover actual damages. Parents of unemancipated youth are liable for actual damages to person or property Housewives seeking sex tonight Oregon City Oregon by any tort committed by their .

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If restitution has been court ordered or agreed to in a Formal ability Agreement FAAyou will receive notification. While every case is different, it is also important to know that the youth's capacity to pay restitution will vary for each youth. Restitution payments will typically begin after disposition —or resolution of the case. The payments will be mailed to you.

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It is very important you keep your address updated with the Juvenile Department. Anyone representing the youth is permitted to talk with you only if you agree.

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You do have the right to refuse to speak to an attorney or private investigator for the alleged youth offender. If you decide that you would like to speak with the juvenile's attorney or private investigator, you may request to have a Deputy District Attorney present. Contact the Juvenile Department or District Attorney for more information. The Juvenile Department shall provide you with these rights upon request by the victim. Some of these rights include, but are not limited to, releasing information concerning the name, date of birth, criminal history and future release of physical custody of the juvenile offender.

As the victim you have the right to be informed of future court hearings. You also have the right to be informed of the charges filed against the youth and have a copy of the youth's disposition.

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If you have any questions regarding these rights or would like to pursue them, please. When people ask this question they are typically wanting to be told a specific age when can be left alone. To the surprise of many, there is no specific age provided for by law. There is, however, one law which provides a minimum guideline. Oregon's child neglect laws indicate should be at least ten years of age or older. Child neglect in the second degree is defined by a person having custody of under 10 years of age and, with criminal negligence, leaves the child unattended at any place for such period of time as may be likely to endanger the health or welfare of such.

Some children who are ten years of age or older also should not be left alone. In these circumstances, the good judgment of the parent or guardian is most important. Generally speaking there are three primary variables which need to be considered.

First, the maturity of the child; second, the environment provided for the child; and third, how long the child will be unattended. The best advice is to error on the side of caution, safety and the best interest of the.

If in doubt, it would be wise to call the State Department of Human Services - Clackamas Branch: or Probation is either imposed by a judge or as an outcome of an agreement between the youth, parents and juvenile counselor. A judge can impose a maximum probation period of five years and shall not extend beyond the juvenile's 23rd birthday.

The length of time depends on the seriousness of the offense, the risk to reoffend, the need for supervision, and the youth's compliance with the conditions of probation. Informal probation is the product of an agreement with the juvenile counselor where the maximum probation period for an offense is one year; however, this can be extended to 18 months.

Housewives seeking sex tonight Oregon City Oregon

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