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Daniel R. Pritzker issued an Executive Order in which Hot girls in kewanee mandated the wearing of masks for the opening of the school year. Administrators, teachers, staff, students, and volunteers in all public and nonpublic schools in the State of Illinois, whether vaccinated or non-vaccinated, will be required to wear masks. As reported, positivity rates for COVID19 and the Delta variant are climbing throughout the state which is cause for great concern.

Any school — public or nonpublic - which chooses to be defiant may have several adverse things occur. The Governor can take measures which will directly affect the continuing operations of the school, up to and including closing a school that refuses to comply. Disregarding them could be considered gross negligence associated with the COVID response and could subject the schools to unnecessary liability.

I ask for your understanding and assistance. I respectfully ask for your cooperation in helping us provide the best opening of a new school year that we can possibly provide while still in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic. Thank you. August 10, To Parents of Visitation, I just wanted to share a little information leading up to our first day of school on Wednesday, August 18 th. We are busy preparing and are looking forward to seeing everyone again. Dismissal time this school year will be This new time is to return to a full day and also have time to work with students after school if needed.

We will use the same method of dismissing one grade at a time to ensure student safety. All safety protocols we used at the end of the school year will be used this year. Open House will be Sunday, August 15 from — p. This will provide students a chance to see their new rooms and meet their teachers. Masks are required to enter the building. We are registered for Seamless Summer Lunch Program.

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If approved, all students will receive a free lunch for the entire school year. Calendar changes for professional development: Oct. Please add these dates to your schedules. A special thank you to the volunteers who came in to assist with recess supervision this past school year. We greatly appreciate your help! Once again we are looking for volunteers to assist with recess supervision. One teacher will be present, but we need another person to help. The times when help is needed: a — and b — Please call the school and speak with Mr.

Brau if you can help. We are hopeful that many school activities and events can return this year. It takes all of us to make these events happen, many of which we need parental assistance. Please help us with these many events throughout the school year. Stevenson will have a up of events at Open House, but you can volunteer throughout the entire year. Thank you for making our school successful. It takes all of us and we appreciate your assistance. We look forward to another successful school year.

Sincerely, Mr. A letter from the Diocese with the most recent information can be found here. Due to the late notice, we are not prepared to begin on Monday. I am planning Tuesday, November 17 from — p. To check out a chromebook, you will need to a technology agreement where you Hot girls in kewanee be responsible for it, follow guidelines, and pay for any damages.

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Grades 3 — 8 will be able to check out their chromebook. Preschool — 2nd may out a chromebook also if available. With the late notice, we were not prepared to distribute so many things this afternoon. Families who do not have internet at home may use the internet access at Visitation. We have three internet access points outside of our school building that are password protected. You may park in the parking lot, download asments and completed asments. Free lunches will continue on Monday, November 16th. You must call the school before a. If you would like to reserve a lunch for the week, you may request that when you call the school at Lunches will be bagged and can be picked up at the gym doors — I will provide more information on Monday or Tuesday about attendance, grading, and anything else I have over looked right now.

We are dealing with unprecedented times. If we remain calm, we can work through this situation together. Please take precautions to keep yourself and your family safe during the upcoming holidays. I am hoping if we all take necessary steps, we can return to in person school on January 19, Stay Safe! Weiss Superintendent of Schools in the Peoria Diocese Dear School Pastors, Chaplains and Principals, After Hot girls in kewanee and a review of data and information regarding the escalation of the positivity and exposure rates for COVID19 in Illinois during the next few weeks, I have been directed as the Superintendent of Schools to share the following information with your school communities as approved by Most Rev.

Louis Tylka, Bishops of Peoria: 1. Effective Monday, November 16,the 42 elementary and secondary schools in the Catholic Diocese of Peoria will shut down and deliver instruction via remote learning only. This entire system shut down will be through January 18, with a return to in-person or remote instruction on Tuesday, January 19, While our school buildings are closed, principals should make arrangements to thoroughly disinfect and sanitize all areas within the schools.

Principals and teachers may be present in their offices and classrooms to facilitate remote-only instruction during the system shutdown. While in the building, principals and teachers must observe all public health department mandates in order to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus including wearing masks at all times; washing hands frequently; checking temperatures throughout the day; and observing social distancing of more than 6 feet when interacting with other teachers in the building. Principals will coordinate with their faculty and families and publish guidelines for the distribution of school computer laptops, grading, and asments that must be picked up from and returned to the school.

These individual school procedures and protocols should be published and shared with families as soon as possible. As this is a system-wide shutdown, there will be no sporting or extracurricular events scheduled at the school. The Bishops of Peoria and Office of Catholic Schools understand the many challenges that confront our school pastors, chaplains, principals, teachers, staffs, students and families with the issuance of this most recent guidance.

However, the safety and health of our school personnel and students is first and foremost what ultimately factors into this most difficult of decisions. This means the doctor needs to state the symptoms the child is experiencing are not Covid related but some other illness. PCR Covid tests that are accepted Hot girls in kewanee the type that take 48 — 72 hours to get.

What remains the same If has symptoms that resemble Covid, they are to stay at home and not come to school.

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Their siblings are to remain home from school as well. You are to stay at home for 10 days from onset of symptoms and 24 hours without fever or symptoms, or have a negative Covid test 48 — 72 hrs. A student must be symptom free to attend school. If is sent to the office with a symptom that is Covid related, parents will be notified to pick their child up and their siblings. If a sibling is in another school, they will need to go home as well.

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To return to school:. Remain out of school minimum 10 days from onset of symptoms, 24 hours with no fever, and improvement of symptoms. If a parent calls in sick to school, the school will ask what symptoms they are experiencing. If they are symptoms related to Covid, to return to school:. If ren is out of school due to Covid symptoms, they will become eLearning students and will continue their classes with their teacher through Google Classroom or Seesaw until they are able to return to school.

Hot girls in kewanee

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