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In October ofhundreds of women in Connecticut launched a letter-writing campaign to Governor Marcus H. Letters poured into his office imploring him to, in his reelection campaign, add his support of the female suffrage movement to his platform.

Hepburn also mentions that the Connecticut Woman Suffrage Association had created a petition which was ed by 43, Connecticut citizens of legal voting age and presented to the Connecticut Legislature. In his third term, Holcomb was faced with the passing of the nineteenth amendment, which would grant women nationwide the right to vote.

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In addition to helping with this amendment, Holcomb also helped give retirement to teachers, most of whom were female at that time, and limited the hours women were allowed to work in factories to make the work more bearable and less dangerous. In this letter, Katharine Houghton Hepburn appeals to Governor Holcomb to add support to female suffrage in his platform.

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Governor Holcomb's executive secretary sent this to Hepburn to acknowledge her letter and to say he would take the matter of suffrage into consideration. A letter by Elizabeth L. Proctor, secretary of the Niantic Equal Franchise League, in which Proctor announces her league's confidence in Holcomb's reelection and her hope that Holcomb will use his influence in the Republican Party to the advantage of the suffrage movement.

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A suffragist calls for Governor Holcomb to add his support for female suffrage to his platform.

Holcomb ladies Holcomb

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