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Note: I am NOT matchmaking here, though many young men have begged me to post their addresses or phone s. Just stop it. Realize that our age and experience has not turned us into an alien species — treat us like valued human beings, interesting for more than sex. Great fun, I must admit, but it tears you apart when the bad has to come up. I like older women for their maturity and for their gorgeous features, such as lips, hips, legs, and fragrance, mmmmmmm. I admit I find it rather hard to find the perfect older woman as they all tend to lead me on then shoot me off which hurts like hell.

I met a woman online back in After 3 months chatting I gave her my details and she came up here. We had sex, and then she really got abusive and threatened me with police threats etc. She told her so-called friends about me and said what a pathetic useless peice of shit I was. I just want a woman that can understand me, one that Grannys sex life me for who I am and NOT degrade me in any way.

Thank you for been so supportive and having a wonderful site. Grannys sex life, I encourage you to get to know the older women who attract you before you jump into bed with them. Yet the comments and s I receive are almost all from the younger men, not the older women who are involved with them. You can either comment here or me with permission to post your comment. Let me assure the women and men who write me that any identifying information will remain confidential, and of course you can comment directly anonymously or with a pseudonym. Personally, I used to date younger men almost exclusively right up until the time I met Robert when I was 57 and he was At 64 and 71, we just celebrated our second wedding anniversary!

Until Robert, I found younger men more open-minded and energetic, less set in their ways, and more appreciative of what an older woman had to offer. An older man can offer all those qualities I used to seek in younger men, yet with the wisdom of experience and relationship skills. This makes me think that a long life being single before settling down might be just right to let us experience the qualities of youth, the qualities of age, and any mixture that might entice us!

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In every experience I have had, even those in which it was clear the woman was looking for little more than a boy toy, I always felt valued and well treated. Mature women, on the other hand, generally seem to take better care of everyone and everything around them, even their toys. It just seems to be part of their nature. I never thought of it this way, Mark. For example, Derek sent me this recent :. I find the combination of worldliness, wisdom, sexual experience and a lush, mature body completely irresistable.

Also, as you seem to be noticing this type of relationship, while very alternative, is being enjoyed by a LOT of people. I hope you give this topic more coverage on your blog.

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The questions and comments from young men who desire older women keep coming. They crave older women. They revere older women. And yes, they find older women incredibly sexy. Here are some samples from my and from comments on my other blog posts:. They are much sexier than anything else I can imagine.

I have had sex with an older woman and would do it again in a heartbeat. It was wonderful. We met via internet dating, a good way to meet like-minded people, and she actually approached me first. It just so happens I like older women and she likes men around my age. We had an amazing day and later on she ed me at a hotel. It was like a fantasy come true.

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Amazing company, amazing sex too and a really warm and loving woman. She will turn 43 this month, and my goodness what a connection we had that day. However, I am incredibly attracted to older women. I find such beauty in maturity. I work in a professional environment where I am around professional older women all the time. There is something about a woman who is well versed, educated, smart, and mature that drives me wild. Is this wrong? I am 21 by the way. In all honesty they drive me wild. I have no interest in any ladies younger than me.

Presently have a few senior neighbours….

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She was old enough to be my grandmother and I had known her since I was 5 or 6. I loved having sex with her. For me it was a way to have sex, enjoy sex, learn about sex, and experience the whole thing in a sincere, loving way, in a stress-free atmosphere. It was so nice to make love to someone who was calm, enjoyed the experience and could be trusted.

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A bonus for me was that my older lovers expressed being flattered at being desired by an attractive young man. It felt great to be in this princely or studly role. I find her even more attractive as she gets older, and she likes this. I just recently completed a life-long dream of having an older woman take my virginity and teaching me the ways.

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I love their maturity and knowledge. I look forward to reading your thoughts. Note: On other blog posts on this subjectI discussed some of the questions these young men have, such as how to meet older women, talk to them, and read their als. Were you hoping to find an affirmation of older-age sexuality? Or because you expect to get a giggle from a site that makes fun of elder sex? Is this term used outside the US more commonly than it is here, I wonder…?

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Grannys sex life

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