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Entering the New Year, I look back at my accomplishments. As many others strive for when creating their list of resolutions, I had hoped for positive change and personal growth. With the bittersweet end to my time in Hawaii, I reflect on how it has helped me to reach my goals. Surrounded by clear blue waters, soaring mountain ranges, and a unique Ohana; I had the opportunity to take a step away from the hustle of Boston and learn more about myself and the therapist I want to be one day.

After receiving word of my position in Hawaii, I was both excited and nervous for this new adventure. Weeks leading up to my arrival I had many friends and family, some more jealous than others, sending me good wishes on this next chapter in my life. This made leaving home and coming to an unfamiliar place a little less daunting.

Within hours of landing, I was receiving welcome hugs from people I had never met — I already felt a part of the Ohana. With any new job, the first few months are a transition period. Learning to embody the values of a company and collaborate closely with colleagues you know little about, can be difficult. Although it was overwhelming at times and my supervisors received many of my dumbfounded looks, I felt every coworker I encountered was willing and able to help me make this transition seamless.

I am grateful to have worked with so many accomplished and intelligent therapists. I learned that each therapist has something different to bring to the table, whether it be a skill or a thought process. I watched as they worked as a team of many backgrounds to provide the best care possible for our patients. Looking back at my experiences with each therapist, I have confirmed that I want to be a physical therapist.

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I learned something from each and every one of them that I will someday have the opportunity to apply in my practice. I also had the chance to work closely with many determined, caring patients, who constantly embodied the aloha spirit.

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From my patients I learned the power of perseverance. I truly realized the importance of teamwork in this field, where healthcare providers should work closely with their patients. This unique team is what makes our jobs worth it each and every day.

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Rather than each being their own separate entity, the clinics worked together to be one, united team. During my 6 months, I also had the unique chance to experience the company go through big changes. One of which, was seeing lots of hard work go into creating a new logo that embodies all that the company is. For an island that is only 40 miles long and 30 miles wide, I never thought there would be so much to do. As a co-op group we were able to explore the wonders of Hawaii together, truly making the most of our weekends.

From sliding down steep, muddy mountains on my okole yay Hawaiian words to maneuvering the paddle out to the mokes, we made endless memories together that I will hold onto for the rest of my life. A special thank you to Liz, Stevie, Matt and Kyle, my Hawaii family, for making the better half of myeven better. I learned from you guys and our many adventures to take a step back and take in the moment. A little rest and relaxation never hurts. I will miss each and every one of you very much, and I hope to see you someday soon.

For spring semesterwe just said mahalo and good-bye to five awesome, enthusiastic and hard-working students who we know will make a great impact in the physical therapy world. We wish them the best!! This Gl lean Kailua1 guy looking for a we welcomed five new students who will be with us till December. We look forward to teaching and nurturing them as well as sharing our island spirit and company culture, which they will be able to take back with them to Boston. I attended Andover High School in Massachusetts.

I now go to Northeastern University in Boston. What drew you to physical therapy? There have been a few things that have drawn me into the field of physical therapy. In high school I was a rower and our coach focused hundreds of hours on moving correctly and power application. This was the start of my fascination with the body, how it moves, and the quest to perfect movement in sport. From there, I would research different body parts and how to exercise them. Fast forward a few years to when I injured my shoulder, I researched what I thought was wrong and how to rehab it.

The process of troubleshooting the injury and trying to rehab it was really exciting for me. It was a relaxed environment where everyone would chat and joke and I could see myself working in something similar. Why did you want to do your co-op in Hawaii? I used to work with a youth development program called Andover Youth Services and it was a huge influence in my life.

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One of the most ificant values we lived and encouraged in the young people was to get out of your comfort zone. When looking for co-ops I wanted to stay consistent with my values so I wanted to go somewhere that would challenge me and give me a new experience. What has been your experience like so far? The clientele is typically on the older side and many are of Asian descent. This has been hard for me so far, but it is challenging me to improve my visual cues and other nonverbal communication. Also our host family makes ahi and ono jerky which is a little unusual.

What is on your to do list while here? What kind of therapist do you hope to be? Of course I want to be the best therapist there can be.

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I want to be a therapist who deeply understands each treatment and why it works. I want to be up to date with new technologies and methods of treatment to give my patients the most efficacious therapy they can get. Who is your greatest influence in your life? From my mom I learned Gl lean Kailua1 guy looking for a to listen and be empathetic. These traits among others have been super beneficial in my journey through life.

I am now a student at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. Ever since I was young I knew I was interested in a helping profession. I was interested in a variety of positions such as dentistry, chiropractic care, and Occupational Therapy. I had the opportunity to shadow a few physical therapists and fell in love with the profession. Each and every day I find myself loving it more and more.

There are many reasons why I was interested in doing my co-op in Hawaii. I have always enjoyed traveling and learning more about the world around me, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. During this last semester, we have also had many discussions on cultural differences and the impacts it can have on physical therapy and other forms of care. This co-op seemed unique in its ability to introduce me to this learning curve. Traveling to a new place can sometimes be daunting and with it comes a lot of unknowns.

From the get-go I felt nothing but kindness and support through the transition. I get along so well with the other co-op students and my new coworkers, and I am so excited to see what adventures this journey takes us all on. We have tried poke a few times now, and I have yet to be disappointed!

I mainly want to explore the island. I want to go on lots of different hikes and learn about the history of the island and Hawaii as a whole. I am also excited to get to know more about Hawaiian culture by exploring things like a Luau, hula dancing and listening to Hawaiian music.

I have been working on Hawaiian Pidgin and I am trying to learn a new word every day. Physical therapy can be a very rewarding job, because we have the opportunity to help patients reach their personal goals. If I am able to positively impact a of my patients during my time as a therapist I will feel rewarded. My greatest influence in my life is my older brother Riley. He is my built in best friend and I look up to him in many ways.

Last, but not least, we would like to introduce Tim, our final Co-op for this spring semester.

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I have the awesome opportunity of being one of the five Northeastern Co-ops making Fukuji and Lum home for the next six months. Here is a little about myself and how I got here. A couple of months later I find myself fortunate enough to start my journey here. I was lucky enough to have parents that love traveling and have instilled that drive in me.

Hawaii is no different and has shown to be full of rich history and traditions. I am learning food is a huge part of Hawaiian life and that is something we have in common! Luckily I have not had anything too challenging cross my plate yet on my trip.

Gl lean Kailua1 guy looking for a

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