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A Harrison Medical Center security guard was sentenced last week to nine years in prison for trading cigarettes and vodka for sex with a year-old girl he met at the hospital after she tried to kill herself and sexual contact with her year-old friend, who had run away from foster care. He left after six months — in — when he was accused of attempting to smuggle contraband to a female inmate, according to court documents.

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Through a spokesman, the company declined to answer follow-up questions about the rigor of the background checks, and no official with the hospital was made available to comment. Mallillin pleaded guilty to two counts of commercial sexual abuse of a minor and three counts of third-degree rape of .

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On Aug. In a statement provided before sentencing, Mallillin apologized and wrote that he should have thought about how he would feel if an adult had exploited his own children. Mallillin claimed there had been no guidelines for interacting with patients during his job orientation training and, further, he said he had no reservations about discussing personal information with psychiatric patients, the psychologist wrote in court documents. Mallillin added that he was aware of other security guards providing their personal phone s to patients.

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Mallillin said he was monitoring the girl when he gave her his phone. When she contacted him — he said about a month had passed — she complained she did not receive any medication for anxiety.

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As the two communicated and their relationship progressed, Mallillin said he began providing the girl cigarettes and vodka in exchange for sex. The second girl told investigators that after she arrived from foster care, the two girls had sex while Mallillin watched and attempted to participate. After three days Mallillin told them they had to leave, according to documents.

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The allegations came to light on Feb. Both provide some of the same basic facts but with some variations. But the inmate identified Mallillin as the person who brought it to her.

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For state law enforcement officers, much of their history with an agency is a matter of public record and can be obtained through the state Public Records Act. Facebook Twitter. Former Harrison security guard gets 9 years for trading vodka for sex with girl. Andrew Binion Kitsap.

Fuck Harrison girls

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