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Peppa: We always have that one. The African Baby is starving, drinks dirty water and lives in a slum by the sewers. Daddy Hog: It's a fucking lie. I mean, a place where you borrow books from, and when you finished reading them, you take them back for someone else to read so they can read it and take it back of another person to read it and take it back for yet another person to read it and take it back, get it?

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Daddy Hog: Concrete is so hard that you can knock your teeth out with it via faceplanting. Chapter 1; Sand. Mummy Hog: No, he moved to a big city that is rich in Africa, he was finally able to eat, he now drinks fresh water, and lives in a much higher quality home. That was a big step, the end.

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History Talk 0. Peppa: Can I please have a fucking story? Mummy Hog: Concrete. Daddy Hog: I finally found it. Peppa: Is it your book dad?

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Mummy Hog: You've forgotten to take it back though. Daddy Hog: I don't care, it's mine. Mummy Hog: Take it back tomorrow, or else. Bedtime you two. Peppa: After my dad re this story.

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Daddy Hog: It's not a story, it's non-fiction. Peppa: Please read it.

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Daddy Hog: Alright then, sit back and enjoy. Daddy Hog: Shut up. You're supposed to be quiet in liebraries. Peppa: Why? Daddy Hog: Because people come here to read. So don't distract them so they stop reading. Narrator: Miss Rotten is the liebrarian because this and that.

Miss Rotten: Hello there. Mummy Hog: We are returning these five books. Miss Rotten: It's checking the expiration date of the book. Daddy Hog: I think I have kept the book for a bit too long.

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Miss Rotten: No need to panic, it can't be that bad. Daddy Hog: Sorry. Miss Rotten: That's alright, at this point, you've probably memorised this book by heart. Daddy Hog: Exactly. Time to get a new book. Peppa: Can I borrow a new book? Miss Rotten: Yep, the children's section is here. Peppa: What books do we have?

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Danny: Hello Peppa. Peppa: Hello Danny. Danny: I'm borrowing a book called "Footy Carrots". Suzy: Hello, I've borrowed a book called "Special Treatments". Narrator: George has a book called "Dienosaurs". George: Dienosaurs are epic. Daddy Hog: I've chosen a book called "Concrete 2". Mummy Hog: Here's an African Baby book.

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Peppa: Not "African Baby", it's boring. Mummy Hog: This is "African Baby 2", it might be more fun. Peppa: I bet it's not, at all, at all at all at all. Mummy Hog: Once upon a time there was an African baby- Peppa: Ugh, he's starving, drank dirty water, and lives in a slum by the sewers.

Peppa: Read it again. Mummy Hog: We can borrow it, and read it at home. Peppa: But I was gonna choose one of the other books. Miss Rotten: You can take four books at once Peppa. Peppa: Nice. Miss Rotten: Remember to take them back on time, Daddy Hog, remember this. Peppa Hog Episodes Power Universal Conquest Wiki.

Fuck book Paradise

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