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Annual Review of Cell and Developmental Biology. Katie L. Flanagan, 1 Ashley L. Fink, 2 Magdalena Plebanski, 1 and Sabra L. Klein 2. Both sex i. Clinical data illustrate that among children, young adults, and aged individuals, males and females differ in vaccine-induced immune responses, adverse events, and protection.

Although males are more likely to receive vaccines, following vaccination, females typically develop higher antibody responses and report more adverse effects of vaccination than do males. Human, nonhuman animal, and in vitro studies reveal numerous immunological, genetic, hormonal, and environmental factors that differ between males and females and contribute to sex- and gender-specific vaccine responses and outcomes.

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Herein, we address the impact of sex and gender variables that should be considered in preclinical and clinical studies of vaccines. Cells organize many of their biochemical reactions in non-membrane compartments. Recent evidence has shown that many of these compartments are liquids that form by phase separation from the cytoplasm.

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Here we discuss the basic physical concepts necessary. Figure 1: Schematic representation of important characteristics of ideal liquids left and ideal solids right. Order: For a liquid, there is only short-range positional order. This means that one c Figure 2: Mixing and demixing. Figure 3: P granules exhibit characteristics of liquid droplets. Figure 4: Thermodynamics of mixing and demixing. Both molecular species Figure 5: Coexistence of two phases of different composition. In equilibrium, there are two cases in which the chemical potential is constant in space: a a single droplet embedded in a homogeneous p In large-scale mutagenesis screens performed in — at the EMBL in Heidelberg, we isolated mutations affecting the pattern or structure of the larval cuticle in Drosophila.

The mutants we characterized could be ased to genes and Figure 1: Cuticle preparation of a Drosophila first-instar larva. Figure 2: Genetics of embryonic patterning.

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Maternal and zygotic genes can be distinguished by their genetic behavior. Left panel All embryos from females that are homozygous mutant for maternally a Figure 3: Replica plating egg collections from multiple mutant stocks. Flies from different mutagenized lines are transferred to tubes glued together in a block formation. Females lay eggs in defined Figure 4: The relationship between the cuticle pattern of the hatching embryo and the fate map at the blastoderm stage. The primordium for the segmented epidermis represents a substantial fraction of Figure 5: Crossing schemes to produce inbred lines to be tested for homozygous mutant embryos with altered patterns.

The left panel provides a general schematic of the crosses, and the right panels gi Figure 6: The altered segmentation patterns of embryos homozygous for paired and for knirps, shown flanking a wild-type pattern in the cover illustration of the Nature paper describing the first mutan Figure 7: Saturation curve.

The plot shows the of pattern mutants isolated over the s of lines chromosomes scored closed circles as well as the s of new loci identified open ci Figure Pattern deletions in an embryo homozygous mutant for genes a in the segment polarity class gooseberry and patchedb in the pair rule class even-skipped, odd-skipped, paired, and run Figure Schematic representation of deletion patterns in pair rule mutants. The Free sex Flanagan Illinois areas indicate the regions lost in the mutant patterns of strong alleles.

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Gene abbreviations from top left to Figure Segment pattern and homeotic mutants: posterior thorax and anterior abdomen of orthodenticle otd abdominal denticle belts reduced and extradenticle exd posterior transformations. Figure Mutants affected in dorsal-ventral patterning: 20 mutants of genes listed in Table 2 represent the following classes: gastrulation dorsalized group [twist twi and snail sna ], gastrulati Figure Gastrulation and ventral pattern mutants: gastrulation dorsalized twist twi and gastrulation ventralized decapentaplegic dpp weak allele and tolloid tld ; spitz group faint little ba Figure Mutants affected in epidermal structure and integrity: 20 mutants of genes listed in Table 3 represent the following classes: cell polarity [bazooka bazstardust sdt ], cell adhesion [m Figure Denticle and hair mutants: a ventral and b dorsal aspects of anterior abdomen of crinkled ck top and shavenoid sha bottom phase contrast.

For wild type, see Figures 1 and.

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In the s, exosomes were described as vesicles of endosomal origin secreted from reticulocytes. Interest increased around these extracellular vesicles, as they appeared to participate in several cellular processes. Exosomes bear proteins, lipids, and Figure 1: Extracellular vesicles EVs of different intracellular origins can be released by eukaryotic cells. Figure 2: Overall composition of extracellular vesicles EVs. Schematic representation of the composition families of proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids and membrane orientation of EVs.

Examples o Multiple machineries are involved in biogenesis of intraluminal vesicles of multivesicular bodies MVBs and thus of e Multiple secretion machineries of EVs have been described. For multivesicular body MVB -dependent secretion, proteins Warburg's observation that cancer cells exhibit a high rate of glycolysis even in the presence of oxygen aerobic glycolysis sparked debate over the role of glycolysis in normal and cancer cells.

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Although it has been established that defects in Figure 1: Metabolic pathways active in proliferating cells. This schematic represents our current understanding of how glycolysis, oxidative phosphorylation, the pentose phosphate pathway, and glutami Figure 2: Schematic showing the approximate contributions of glucose carbons as well as glutamine carbons and nitrogens to biomass, lactate, and CO2 in a proliferating cell. Parkinson's disease PD is a leading cause of neurodegeneration that is defined by the selective loss of dopaminergic neurons and the accumulation of protein aggregates called Lewy bodies LBs.

The unequivocal identification of Mendelian inherited Figure 1: Domain architecture of PD proteins linked to membrane trafficking. Rab29 can activate LRRK2, which lead Under healthy conditions, PINK1 is degraded in the cytosol after its cleavage following precursor import into mitochondria by the intramembrane protease P This site requires the use of cookies to function. It also uses cookies for the purposes of performance measurement. Please see our Privacy Policy.

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Share. Download Citation Citation Alerts. Abstract Both sex i. Figures Tables. Article. Related Articles Journal Most Downloaded. Hyman, Christoph A. Abstract - Figures Preview.

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Abstract Cells organize many of their biochemical reactions in non-membrane compartments. Abstract In large-scale mutagenesis screens performed in — at the EMBL in Heidelberg, we isolated mutations affecting the pattern or structure of the larval cuticle in Drosophila. Abstract In the s, exosomes were described as vesicles of endosomal origin secreted from reticulocytes.

Free sex Flanagan Illinois

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Sex and Gender Differences in the Outcomes of Vaccination over the Life Course