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This is a list of individuals who have been convicted of a variety of offences either directly against the person or, indirectly, in respect of inappropriate behaviour, including sexual and physical assault. They are convicted offenders. The information contained in this list is taken from media reports. It is a resource for those who may be seeking further information about individuals. However, it is not the Sex Offenders Register. Further information about the Sex Offenders Register is found elsewhere on our website.

Please report any necessary corrections to enquiries ibbclaims. Ahmed, Raheem. Akhtar, Mohammed Imran Ali. AldridgeSean. Ali, Ahdel Eddie. Ali, Mubarek. Ali, Usman Johnny. Allen, Angela. Allen, Anthony. Scout leader, Newham East Scout Group. - can you help?

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Allison, David. Amrani, Mohamed. Harefield Hospital. Amundsen, Peter. Anderson, Simon. Andrews, Richard. Argoub, Khaled.

Fifty Shades Freed (2018) - Do You Remember Your Safety Word? Scene (1/10) - Movieclips

Auton, Geoffrey. Back, Terence. Whitehall Junior School, Uxbridge. Can you help? Bacon, Mark. Baker, Alan. BakerKarl. Ball, Peter. Ball, Simon. Beardmore, Dalton. Beasley, Andrew. Beattie-Milligan, Lydia. Beauchamp, Nathan. Benson, Taiwo Ayotenve. Bermingham, John. Biddick, Richard. Blackburn, Michael. Blackmore, Malcolm. Blatchley, Nicholas. Blott, Ian. Bodycombe, John. Boomer, Timothy. Borgeat, Neil. Bowen, Heathcliffe.

Boxer, Andrew. Bradbury, Dr Myles. Breakspear, Annette. Bristowe, Nigel. Feversham School, Newcastle. Browne, Robert. Bryam, Jonathan. Burr, Peter. Bustard, Robert Andrew. Cadman, Phillip. Cairns, Jake. Canton, Roger. Swimming Instructor. Challenor, David. Chapman, Jamie.

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Clifford, Max. Clingo, Andrew. Cole, Mark. Collett, Lindsay. Coles, Robert. Collins, Peter. Connor, Kim. Coomber, Terence. Cordice, Leah. Corfield, Jonathan. Cowen, Michael. Cox, Lauren. Cox, Thomas. Crowther, David. Cutler, Keith. Dailey, Brian. Darler, Christopher. Darvill, Roy. Dawson, Matthew. Dean, Paul. D haliwal, Amere Singh. Sea Cadets Orpington. Dixon, Anthony. Dixon, Lee Francis. Dobbie, Gary. Dowling, Richard. Dyke, Phillip. Edmonds, Anthony. Edwards, Peter. Edwards, Peter James.

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Edwards, Steven. El-Hakam, Salah Ahmed. Ellis, Charles. Elms, Sophie. Embling, Andrew Charles. Erickson-Hull, Daniel.

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Evans, James. Evans, Taffy Mark.

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