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View Miami Strip Clubs Map in a larger map. For a city its size, Miami really has a lot of Strip Clubs. I mean a lot. But in Miami we have always been on the cutting edge of dropping pretenses of morality, so a friendly neighborhood nudie bar is Female strip clubs in miami to get squeamish about.

But there is little if any information out there to help you, the discriminating Strip Club connoisseur, know exactly which place is going to give you the most bang for your buck. So to speak. Do you like curvy Latinas? Or skinny Platinum Blondes? Or beautiful black women? Are you looking for an upscale atmosphere? Or somewhere you can go and drink cheap beer while looking at cheap women? Do you like friction dances? Or are you looking for a little more for your strip club dollar? Well, at great sacrifice and personal hardship, we have taken the liberty of visiting some of the better-known and popular clubs around town to help you, the buck-tucker, know which club will best fulfill your nudie bar needs.

There are more clubs in South Florida than the ones mentioned here, but this sampling should give you an idea of what Greater Miami has to offer when it comes to professional naked women. Continue reading to find which club is best for you. Oh, but times have changed. While they do offer valet parking, the self parking lot is so expansive the club actually offers a tram to get you to the front door. Except instead of friendly oversized animal puppets when you get inside, the have friendly, oversized D-Cups to greet you. There is one main stage in the middle which features anywhere from one to three dancers, one of them circulating the tip rail for a song or two, completely naked, allowing everyone at the rail to tuck a buck in their favorite spot.

Each of these themed sections offers a VIP area, and the Moulin Rouge is home to what looks from the outside to be a Parisian boutique hotel.

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Of course, in Miami, anything that combines France and a bed can only be one thing: A champagne room. The rooms are upstairs and offer full-length windows out onto the club with closable shades. Kinda like a real hotel. Should you go on a weekend, there will be well over girls working, and they are a solid mix of American, Latina, Black and even a few Asians sprinkled in.

If you have a certain girl you want to see straddling the pole, there is a monitor in one corner of the club that features every girl and her spot in the dance rotation so you can see who is up next and who just got off stage. So if one caught your eye as she tossed her G-String in your face, you can ask a waitress to find her.

The waitresses can also bring you anything from their full-liquor bar. There are separate waitresses for the food from LaColonne, the restaurant located inside the club.

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The selection on women is spectacular and the food is not bad. Gold Rush is perhaps the most visible Strip Club in Miami. Located right off I on the way to South Beach, it is highlighted by its glowing purple neon top and searchlights outside on weekends. It is also located across the street from such late night hotspots as Club Space and Nocturnal, and as such becomes a hang-out of sorts for those who need a break from clubland.

And while Gold Rush certainly gives off an upscale vibe from the outside, the inside is not what one would expect. The interior, with its plush chairs, brass and mirrors, indicates that those who deed it had an upscale clientele in mind. And while in years past the club has been adorned with worn carpets and furniture, the new, refurbished Gold Rush feels clean and comfortable. Also gone are the endless parade of ghetto dancers, replaced by a friendlier, somewhat cleaner brand of dancer. But with the more attractive dancers also come stricter rules. Gone are the days when every girl in Gold Rush would do whatever you wanted for a price.

The new management has gotten rid of most of those girls, and now Gold Rush is one of the tougher places to do more than what is legal.

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But not like it used to be. If the burlesque clubs of the s and 50s had survived and evolved with the South Beach nightclubs of today, they would probably look a lot like Wonderland. The club may be the most aptly named in the city.


Because as you step into the cavernous theater on the northern end of the City of Miami on 77th and Biscayne Blvd, the experience is a trip into another era mixed with our own. The upper level of Wonderland is adorned with plush couches and tables with silver buckets ripe for expensive bottle service. The tables, while filled mostly with men, have a good of female patrons as well. Wonderland has a relaxed feel of class that can make one forget he or she is in strip club.

Operations Manager Michael G says the dancers get fired if they ask for tips for their dance an annoying Miami strip club practice that confuses and alienates a lot of out of towners.

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The bar on the lower level is a trip back in time. A giant stage on the far side of the room features live dancers doing topless shows, while the crowd laughs and enjoys themselves at tables filling the floor. One feels as if Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin should be at the tables toasting Martinis as the dancers sit with them and laugh. The old-style class is tempered with modern flash, as the bar and lighting are all the latest club-chic models. The show goes on and the patrons enjoy themselves.

The naked girls are a nice addition to wonderland, but it is more about the company and the atmosphere. And he has made this old, out of the way theater a destination location for tourists with outstanding service. Male or female. For some reason there seem to be an exorbitant amount of women at this club who are not working there. Some are there with guys, some appear to be on dates, and some are just in groups by themselves. And much like it is a good idea to go to the Chinese restaurant with Female strip clubs in miami most Chinese people, so is it the best idea to go to the strip club with the most women.

At any given time there will be 5 girls dancing on 4 different stages while the rest parade around the 12, square foot club among the equally as gorgeous and scantily clad waitresses. The tantalizing brownies are extra. No, it is more than likely their multitude of VIP areas. The second is more reminiscent of a 19th century English library than a lap dance couch, featuring armoires, tapestries, and super-plush chairs.

Again, though, dancers giving standard lap dances have to leave on their bottoms, which may just be another inducement to get you into one of the VIP areas. Cheetah Ansin Blvd. And while the new, upstairs sports bar is a comfortable, relaxing place to watch a game, it seems the shutdown was counterproductive. Cheetah can now draw in more people for things other than the strippers. Which means the strippers are no longer the only attraction. Which means their quality has slipped considerably. But the layout is still the same, with a two-dancer stage in the middle of the club and poles behind the square bars on opposite ends of the massive main room.

The crowd, much like the strippers themselves, has also dropped a notch of class since the renovation. This may be better during the daytime or during sporting events, but to go to it as just a strip club is not your best bet in the countyline area. Club Lexx NW 27th Ave. Club Lexx, if nothing else, does a fantastic job of marketing.

Never mind that it is just south of Opa Locka, one of the worst parts of Miami. Perhaps it is a bastion of nice in a sea of nasty. As you drive up, you think this may be the case. The outside is done up in new stucco with bright neon and a clean marquee. But then you encounter the parking lot, which is vaguely reminiscent of the Traz Powell Stadium lot after a Northwestern-Carol City High School football game. Lots of rims, lots of Black and Milds, and no room to drive.

No firearms or weapons of any kind. Inside the club the crowd is almost all black. The place reminds me of how Booby Trap-Homestead used to be, with a lively-yet-trashy crowd, a mainstage behind the bar and a pool table off to the left. I would recommend saving your money and keeping the dance up front, and if you want to take it further getting a champagne room.

While this club is not as nice or classy as its might lead you to believe, if you like black women it is probably your best bet in Miami. The atmosphere is laid back, the girls are nice, and the club is relatively clean and surprisingly devoid of smoke. While still a dive compared to some other spots, it is trashy without being scary. Club Lexx is still a decent club in a not-so-decent area. The King of Diamonds, or K. And while Crazy Horse just off I If you like black girls, this is the club for you. If you do not like black girls, well, do not waste your time navigating the intense security.

I have been to airports and military installations that had easier security than this place. Multiple guards at the front patting you down. The K. For how long you may ask? Apparently they close the curtains, and security does not bother you unless one of the dancers comes outside to ask for assistance.

Good to know for the discriminating clientele. As such, the back of the club offers a photo area, where your entourage can take a bunch of pictures. Also a barber shop and a full basketball court. The club also plans to turn some of the basketball area into a comedy club at some point in We will keep you posted. So if you are looking for a megaclub experience, but prefer black strippers K. There is a drive up for valet and a posh waiting room Female strip clubs in miami with fish tank.

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Except that this is a Strip Club. In North Miami. Charging to park at a strip club? This all being said, the cost of everything, be it a lap dance, a drink or a cover charge are not much more than they would be at any other less-opulent looking establishment.

The additional cost is incurred should you choose to sit in one of their many VIP rooms. This is not only if you partake in bottle service, done like in a traditional club, but also if you order normal drinks as the prices increase when you sit in one of these more-private areas.

Female strip clubs in miami

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