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One of the most common questions we get asked is, "What are the top 10 motorcycles for women? Using our surveys and reader input from the last six years we created a list of the top 10 motorcycles that women ride. As the definitive resource for on-road women motorcycle riders over the last decade we're confident that Women Riders Now's WRN list represents the most popular motorcycles among female motorcyclists today. Both are hugely popular among women. The difference between the two is styling.

Some women buy this as their first motorcycle and never trade up to anything bigger, while others trade up from their starter cc motorcycle. The Classic was discontinued in model year Inno V Star was offered, but the Custom returned in Both the Classic and the Custom each are usually just called a V Star And officially, V Star is spelled without a hyphen.

Harley-Davidson has produced several different versions of the Sportster over last few years. While many women ride the Custom, many are also riding the L from years back. The V Star is the fifth most popular motorcycle choice among women, putting Star Motorcycles right behind Harley-Davidson as the second most popular brand of bikes among female riders. The V Star Female motorcycle rider need a strong middleweight contender that is hugely versatile as an urban Female motorcycle rider need or one that can be outfitted for touring.

The low seat height of This venerable platform has been hugely popular among women riders for decades. I even started my motorcycling life on a Shadow, a cc model, so I can can vouch for its accessibility for women riders. The Shadow Spirit C2 does a great job of bridging the gap between new rider and experienced rider, which is why so many intermediate motorcyclists love this comfortable cruiser with its low seat height.

While the large majority of women riders are riding middleweight motorcycles, its not a surprise to see the one selling motorcycle for the last five years make it into our top 10 list. The Harley-Davidson Street Glide has been the most popular motorcycle among all riders since its introduction in It inspired the custom bagger craze with its low slung, sleek styling. Once women realized it was low enough or could be easily lowered through seat and suspension modifications the experienced riders among us wanted all of this motorcycle's comfort and coolness too, including yours truly.

Afterall, it competes head-to-head with the V Star and the Sportster SuperLow in engine size. Do you see a theme here in the motorcycles women are choosing? In our review of this motorcycle we say it has a big bike attitude in an easy-to-handle package. I am a 5-footinch woman and I went with the Honda Shadow ACE for my first bike because of its center of gravity. Half the list are Harleys which really put a stigma out there for women riders. I ride a Royal Enfield Himalayan and enjoy the dual sport ability. Not the leather chaps and bikini bras.

Maybe a little different survey method next time would get you a more diverse blend. Shocked to see no sport tour or adventure bikes made the list. Hi Tina,We are working on updating this list for The Can-Am Ryker is a good alternative as a first bike. Last year I broke my knee. I met a few ladies who were there to learn to ride that were either intimidated by motorcycles or afraid to ride them. All were excited to try the Rykers and a couple of them already had machines picked out. The is a blast! I love the ease of riding it, the comfort, the storage…really, just everything!

The model I have now has heated handgrips, heated seat, paddle shifter no clutch! I started out riding a Honda CB and not knowing I needed a motorcycle or safety clothing. I put 50, miles on it before moving on to a Honda Gold Wing which I putmiles on. I can now ride for many more years. I love it! This machine is so comfortable and fun to ride.

I ride a Indian Scout.

Pint-Sized Rider Jocelin Snow Taming a Big-Bore GS Is Proof Size Doesn't Matter

I am an amputee now, and this is the third Harley I have owned. The first Female motorcycle rider need a Harley-Davidson Sportsterwhich I loved and owned for 8 years. I have a big Harley-Davidson love affair. Left out the Can-Am Spyders. The newer models have six-speed, semi-automatic transmissions, too. I ride a Indian Cheiftain. The Cheiftain has a nice low centered weight and is very comfortable to ride. And the engine is awesome! It rides smoothly. I ride a Indian Scout Bobber Sixty. It has a low seat height, great balance, and amazing power for the weight.

This re like my list of bikes! I find the Sportster top heavy and awkward at slow speed. The balance is amazing and the bike is so responsive. I now go out for full day rides and am comfortable all day. I bought my wife a Harley-Davidson Sportster and it was too tall with a high center of gravity. She did poorly on it so I bought her a Harley Fat Boy. She handled it like a natural, she was not afraid of long winding gravel driveways or ro. I was surprised at her level of confidence. She was pounds and 5 feet 4 inches tall. Years ago, my husband tried to teach me to ride on a Harley-Davidson Fat Boy.

The bike was too intimidating and he has no patienceso I decided to enroll in a riding class. Buell Blasts and trained instructors made learning a breeze. Then, I jumped back on the Fat Boy. I rode it for years and loved it, but it would have been nice to have had something a bit smaller. Older bikes seemed harder to ride IMO.

Once our family began growing, we decided to sell all of our bikes. Nonetheless, my advice is stay away from older bikes because they are quirky!

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I received my endorsement six weeks ago and ride every chance I get. Every man in my life husband, brothers, friends, etc. Their intentions were noble and I know that they all cared, however I needed to make up my own mind.

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I ventured out alone and decided to test ride as many bikes as possible to find the right fit for me. To my surprise I found that a Triumph Speedmaster was the key to my first bike bliss! However, I am going to buy a bike but I need to make a smart selection because I may not get to upgrade for a good long while.

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I need something that I can get used to and stick with. I hope I can make a good choice! Harley-Davidson Sportster s are horrible motorcycles for women. The terrible weight distribution to height ratio is off the chart on rideability. I have found sportbikes or baggers are so much better balanced and easier to ride once you get over the size.

Comfort and control, baggers are the way to go. I weigh pounds and I ride a super custom bagger with no problem. Yes, the Indian Scout is a wonderful motorcycle for women, but it is not listed because it is not one of the most popular motorcycles ridden by women, according to our survey from which this list came. Please reference the first paragraph of this story for more details on how we came up with this list.

Sweet, balanced, and keeps up with all the big boys! I have a Triumph Tiger XC adventure bike which is the perfect bike for where I live as there are as many dirt ro as there are tar, and the scenery here is spectacular wherever you go.

It is a little high, so I lowered it with a suspension lowering kit and lowered the forks as well, and now I can get the balls of my feet down which make all the difference! Why all those Harleys? Women can ride racers to. There are plenty of sportbike-riding women here in the US, too. But most riders in America still choose cruisers, with Harley-Davidson being the clear choice for most.

Perhaps our bike styles have a lot to do with road conditions and the type of riding we all do. Been riding more years than I want to admit. I have ridden most brands. I really never wanted a Harley but ended up trading a Honda that had issues for a Dyna. After a weekend trip to Pennsylvania, I upgraded to a Street Glide and rode that 45, miles. They are great bikes. Mine was reliable and worry free. Hubby talked me into a new bike in April I am almost 5 feet 7 inches in my dreams and the Ultra fits very well. Quite a few Harley fans, huh?

Perhaps offer a Female motorcycle rider need more variety in terms of options in your next piece. Luckily, women have more choices now than in the past. Some women focus on weight, some on style, some on seat placement, and others on function. Thank you for the insight! My name is Joanne Baby Blue. My whole family rides with me; my husband, our daughter, and our grandson. We are a Harley-Davidson family—three generations and counting! My first and only bike so far is the Yamaha V Star and I love it. I have the baffles out and this baby roars. This is my second year as a rider, within the next two years I plan to upgrade to a Harley-Davidson Sportster Irononce I save up.

The V Star is a great starter bike. I have been riding for 11 years now and as this article suggests, I started out with a Harley-Davidson Sportster. Last year I upgraded and bought Female motorcycle rider need Street Glide and I absolutely love it. My biggest problem now is convincing my husband to ride his own bike so I can have mine. I am 5 feet 5 inches and pounds so I was a little intimidated by the size at first, but it took me about five minutes on the first ride to get over that. Thanks for sharing.

Female motorcycle rider need

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