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This is the 16th anniversary of a national tragedy.

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It was a day the nation paused, slowed down, and turned toward concern for our fellow man. Rather than destroy us, the attacks of September 11, pulled us together as a nation like no other recent event. We turned an eye toward pain and showed compassion. Please us Tuesday, Sept. Did you feel that? Something happened today. It happened without a national disaster or a major annual sporting event. It was a time of national unity. It was a time where we dropped the politics, the fear, and even the concerns of our daily lives. We stood together in the present moment.

Like a trooper, I woke up and got to the airport in time for a a. I had it all together. A friend agreed to take me. Yes, even that early! I have great friends. I had pre-packed my bag the night before. I had planned to sleep and then do some work. I had it all planned out. I considered it a badge of courage to be independent.

Not asking for help meant I could handle things on my own. I was self-sufficient. I considered it radical self-reliance. Really, what I was doing was Carson City forum sex radically unreliable. Those of you who have been reading this column for a while know, when I go to a festival, I bring nuggets back to you.

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I spent this last weekend at Wanderlust in Squaw Valley. This was my 5th year at the festival. As usual, it did not disappoint. Four months ago, I wrote an Carson City forum sex about focus and how it works to achieve your goals in life. If you missed it, you can read it here. Do you notice something missing from the article? No matter how good you are at this thing called life, at one time or another, you may have agreed on a bad deal. This could be any type of deal.

It could be a relationship that went south. You could have a bad deal with a vendor for your business. Or, maybe, you accepted a job you without asking enough questions and you feel stuck. Today, we are celebrating the birth of our country and the freedoms we enjoy within it. Yet, today I feel pulled to ask you to go a little deeper. This weekend, I went to Lake Tahoe with my Little.

Creating change, whether it be in your home, community, or company, is a fine art. Consciousness, awareness of the environment you are in, and gentle communication are necessary. You can adjust your thoughts and actions to collaborate to create the change. Navigating the dangers lurking online can seem overwhelming, even impossible with the latest developments in technology. This last weekend was my birthday weekend. I followed none of my usual traditions, at Carson City forum sex the way I usually do them.

I went to a different retreat. I met new friends. I went to a different beach. Each of these new experiences gave me new perspective. It was then I realized there is comfort in routine. Yet, the real experiences come when you shake it up. By participating in Denim Day, Nevadans will an international campaign against sexual assault and sexual violence and demonstrate support for victims of those crimes. From the moment victims report a sexual assault in Carson City, they are ased an advocate to help them through the legal process and to recover emotionally.

So when Maw was sexually assaulted, she stayed quiet. S Attorney's Office. Two cases involving crimes of domestic violence have resulted in convictions and prison sentences, according to Lyon County District Attorney Stephen B. A staged party house was held Saturday at a Walker Drive residence in East Carson City, a senior project for Carson High School senior Diana Alonso, who has sought to bring attention to the dangers of real teen-aged party houses.

This winter seems like the song that never ends. We received late word that Saturday's monthly Trash Mob has been canceled. Music, art, cinema, comedy and more are on tap for this weekend. Take a look for all of your options. Diana Alonso, 17, a senior at Carson High School, fears adults may not fully understand what is happening in the lives of teens.

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February 18, All day. February 19, All day. I Love Carson City. Diana Alonso, 17, a CHS senior. for more information.

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