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Despite a proposal by four prominent House of Commons Committees and various professional organisations, the Minister of Education announced on February 11, that age-appropriate sex and relationship education, including discussion of healthy relationships and cyber-safety, would not be part of the education curriculum. Absent from this discourse has been the connection between sex education and human rights. A HRBA opens up a new language and framework in which the right-holder can claim a positive obligation on the state to provide sex education, as well providing insight into the structure and content of sex education.

Not all of these rights have been recognized in the UK, therefore this analysis is confined to examining how a commitment to gender equality requires the state to provide sex education. Cultural norms praise male promiscuity while female sexuality is restrictive, passive, shameful and degrading.

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Girls feel stigmatised in expressing their sexuality and in using sexual and reproductive health services. They often feel they do not have the power to insist on using contraception, leaving girls at risk of unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections. Girls are often held responsible for any unintended consequences of sexual activity and for the caring of children.

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Sex education can be a powerful tool to dismantle these negative cultural norms and transform gender relations. There has been a rise in young girls sharing sexually explicitly images and videos of themselves. Young girls report feeling pressure to produce and send sexually explicitly images of themselves to other people. These images can quickly be shared among a large of people. This has pronounced implications for the mental health, and even lives, of young girls and women. Sex education should also form part of a holistic and transformative strategy on gender-based violence GBVone of the most pernicious forms of discrimination against women.

One of the root causes of GBV is unequal gender power relations. Sex education that adopts a rights-based approach is an important preventive, empowering and transformative measure in a larger strategy to end gender-based violence. There is analogous case law denying faith-based schools exemptions to the ban of corporal punishment from the UK and South Africain which courts have reasoned that the dignity, security and equality of the child were paramount to religious freedom and belief.

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Similar arguments can be made to address moral or faith-based exemption to sex education. It is unfortunate that the latest proposal to make sex education mandatory was not implemented by the UK government.

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The current policy remains under review. Hopefully a push to conceptualising sex education as a positive obligation necessary to fulfil human rights will strengthen the arguments for compulsory sex education throughout all schools in the UK. Sex education for girls and women is important to ensure the safety and well being of the individual. Girls are not receiving the right information from their mothers or caregivers which is necessary. Well, written, Meghan.

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Uncle Gary. I am a staff working and supporting individuals with severe autism and intellectual disabilities. The need for sex education within the school can not be contested as most of the students engage in inappropriate sexual acts such as masturbation in class, touching others and undressing in class. Allowing parents to decide make matters worse as this young people depend on us for the well-being, dignity and support.

Thanks Eric, that is such an important and overlooked perspective. And really emphasizes the importance of compulsory sex, reproduction and healthy relationship education. You must be logged in to post a comment. Share this:. Gary Campbell on November 23, at pm. Uncle Gary Log in to Reply. Meghan Campbell on January 13, at am.

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Thanks Uncle Gary! Log in to Reply. Eric Moor on January 24, at pm.

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Allowing parents to decide make matters worse as this young people depend on us for the well-being, dignity and support Log in to Reply. Meghan Campbell on January 24, at pm. Submit a Comment Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

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Campbell girls forum sex

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