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Office of the Spokesperson. Our call today is going to be attributed to senior administration officials. Again, on background, to SAOs, and the contents of this call are embargoed until its conclusion. The first is strengthening ourselves at home, and we see the — addressing the economic recovery, pandemic response, enhancing our competitiveness as absolutely critical and key to that. The second piece of it is our allies and partners and our work in international institutions.

And this is about working with our allies and partners on our shared interests and our shared values, but also in terms of understanding where we face similar challenges, including from China. I think sometimes folks think of our allies and partners piece here as just being about choreography, that somehow we just need to talk to our allies before we talk to China. That was big and affirmative for the region. And so that work is well underway. We have been engaged in some pretty intensive diplomacy with our European partners and allies on the Indo-Pacific region, including on China.

We are coming in with what we feel like is an increasing — increasingly strong hand to come to the table with our Chinese interlocutors.

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We will absolutely make those points very clear. Let me just make a couple of other specific points on the meeting itself and the goals around it. This is not the resumption of a particular dialogue mechanism or the beginning of a dialogue process. This is very much about sitting down, getting an understanding of each other, and then taking that back and taking stock.

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But in putting where our Chinese interlocutors are at as well, what we will hear from Yang Jiechi and Wang Yi in this conversation will be important to informing where we go in our China strategy going forward. I also want to underscore one point, which I know that this is a little bit of a unique configuration. And so this is a very deliberate and visual demonstration of that from the get-go that we think is really important for helping to inform and shape how China seeks to engage with us.

Rather, this is just the beginning of that process. Let me just point out, as you — [Senior Administration Official One] mentioned all the great diplomacy that is happening all over the world but particularly here in the East Asia region. As folks probably are tracking, Secretary Blinken and Secretary Austin had superb meetings with their Japanese counterparts yesterday and today the team is looking forward to a full day of engagement with our Korean counterparts.

I think [Senior Administration Official One] did a great job of laying out what we expect to get out of Anchorage. Operator, Beautiful looking nsa Anchorage Alaska you could please open the lines for our first question. Ladies and gentlemen, if you do have questions, press 1 then 0 on your touch tone phone.

Hey, [Senior Administration Official Two]. Thank you for doing this. Two questions. The last time the U. And a 30,foot question: Do you believe that Xi Jinping is willing to change his behavior based on U. I think we might have muted the speaker. That was me muting myself.

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I apologize. Nick, I was giving you a great answer there. Great to hear from you.

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I think [Senior Administration Official Two] said that exactly right. Greetings from Japan. Thanks so much. So what I would say is that the U. But again, in terms of a high-level meeting, that that needed to wait until we had some of those other steps in motion. We just felt for a variety of reasons that being on our own territory was extremely important for this meeting and of not attempting to meet in China.

But I do just want to underscore the point again of feeling very important, and I think Jen Psaki had said this from the podium ly, of actually hosting on U. You hit the point about the way the travel arrangements worked out.

So, of course, Secretary Blinken and company will be traveling back from Korea and then — and Alaska makes a pretty good midpoint stop. And clearly, the fact that Director Yang is willing to come out to the States again, I think that we certainly welcome that. He made two visits in the last years of the administration. Go ahead, please. A couple of quick questions. Just a broad one first about how you would characterize success and failure, respectively, when it comes to your expectations for this meeting.

And then a second question about logistics: Are you anticipating releasing a t statement after this, or would there be separate readouts from either side? Thank you.

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I guess in terms of the question of what does success look like, I want to situate this again in terms of a process. And I recognize that that is not necessarily the glitziest of a headline, but we really see this meeting, again, as both part of the broad Indo-Pacific diplomatic work underway and very much one piece of a continued ongoing — and there will be more to come after this, right?

And so I see this as being one data point in that overarching strategy and approach that we are running right now, and so I think the — frankly, a failure would be if somehow this meeting were to be seen to somehow be divorced from that overall strategy. And so for us, our China strategy fits within our broader Indo-Pacific Strategy, sits within our broader approach to national security. And you could see that in the Interim Strategic Guidance document that the administration released a couple weeks ago.

No, actually, I would say, look, success — [Senior Administration Official One], you said it up front. I wanted to pick up on what you just said, [Senior Administration Official Two]. And then also, [Senior Administration Official One], I was wondering if you could just very quickly elaborate a little bit on what you said about how this may be the first time that a secretary of state and a national security advisor have sat down tly with their Chinese counterparts.

Are you making reference to the administration or to the Obama administration or going back to the Bush administration? How far back does that go? Thank you so much. They talk about being a responsible champion of the multilateral system, but their deeds fall far short of that in many, many respects. But I Beautiful looking nsa Anchorage Alaska it is important that each side know where the other does stand.

The only thing I would just add on that point is that many of the things that China professes are internal matters of concern are of concern to a great of countries, not just the United States.

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And so we see these not just as issues in the bilateral context, but as issues of global concern, and in some cases, growing global concern. We see that in particular on Xinjiang. My point is largely in terms of a meeting like this, a standalone meeting like this where there is this kind of configuration.

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One moment, please, while we open your line. Your line is open. QUESTION: When you said you were going to raise — when you said you were going to raise all these issues, can you highlight what you think are the most critical issues that you definitely plan to raise? And what role will the cyber issue and Microsoft play in any expectations of actions, impending actions against China?

But cyber is absolutely an issue that we plan to discuss. Our U. Go ahead. My question is you talked about before this meeting, United States had talked with allies and partners in Asia and Europe. Did the United States talk to the countries over there before this meeting? Thanks very much. And yes, look, the State Department is absolutely practicing the same diplomatic outreach that [Senior Administration Official One] was referring to with our partners Beautiful looking nsa Anchorage Alaska allies across the globe. So those conversations are global in scope.

You asked about in particular the role of Russia vis-a-vis China. So I think probably a question that our Europe colleagues could answer in more detail, but I think the same general approach. Thanks, everyone, for ing us tonight, and for our friends in Asia, have a good morning. Reminder, again, we are on background, attributed to senior administration officials, and with the conclusion of this call, the embargo is lifted. Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites.

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Beautiful looking nsa Anchorage Alaska

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