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Many kids were protected from bullying while learning at home. Help them feel safer as they return Awesome woman wanted for the classroom. Girls are facing an unprecedented mental health crisis, and going back to school is complicating things. Here's how you can help. Helping your girl build a solid foundation in civics can empower her to create the country she wants to see.

Raising girls to be happy, healthy, and successful is simpler than ever with help from Girl Scouts. As the largest leadership development organization for girls in the United States, we're proud to be a thought leader for all parents raising up the next generation of girls and young women. From knowing how much to help with her homework to navigating sensitive issues in the news with your family, we've got everything you need to raise girls with confidence.

Racism didn't end with the Civil Rights movement. Whenever we see injustice, we all have a responsibility to confront it. Having an entrepreneurial spirit will help her do everything from writing a to making smart household purchases. Respect seems to be disappearing at the same rate as the rain forest. Here's how we can reverse course. She's tougher, and more capable than she knows.

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Here's how to help her tap into her inner strength. Is she too worried about letting people down? By age 13, nearly half of girls say they "aren't allowed to fail. Whether it's defending a friend from a bully or sharing an answer in class, the ability to speak up is an important skill for your girl to master. Giving your daughter leadership skills can be easier than you think. Check out the latest tips and advice on how to raise her to be the kind of leader your family, her school, and your whole community can look up to.

The school bully of your imagination probably looks nothing like your sweet, thoughtful daughter. But you might be surprised by the truth. If your child is being bullied, she'll need some help learning how to stand up for herself and when to get help.


How to counteract divisive language and arguments over who "belongs? Something Awesome woman wanted for Scouts have been practicing since Get all the best advice on how to help your daughter make new friends and watch her social life take off!

From identifying the different types of bullying to figuring out if she's experiencing bullying at school, we'll help you steer your daughter through these choppy social waters and spot any s of danger. These folks might be under the radar, but they've got a lot of power when it comes to your girl's education.

But it's not just parents having a hard time—kids are feeling a lot of emotions and they need you to be there for them. Schools might say they don't have room for moms and d in the lunchroom, but that's not even the real issue. Worried your girl will fall back while school's out of session?

No need. There are easy and fun! Your daughter is smart and capable of so much, and you want that to be reflected in the classroom as well as at home! Here's how to help her master everything from grades to fitting homework into her already busy schedule. More than one in three girls feel extremely anxious and suicide rates are climbing.

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Tired of watching movies every night? These easy activity ideas will make all this extra time at home with the kids fun and memorable. Missing a planned field trip or party is a small amount of suffering in the grand scheme of things—but that doesn't mean it's not upsetting. Knowing what to do or say to help your girl feel comfortable in her own skin, express her emotions clearly, and maintain healthy relationships with friends and others can be tricky in this complicated world. Here's how to keep her self-confidence high and the drama levels low!

From the time she came into your life, you've only wanted the best for your daughter. You want to see her feel happy and loved, be confident, make new friends, stay healthy, excel in school, and eventually rise up the ranks in a career she finds fulfilling. But you also want your girl to be independent, grow into her own person with her own unique strengths and beliefs, and to learn to use her voice.

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And all of that? Well, it can be overwhelming at times to say the least. That's why we're happy to share straightforward, realistic, and proven parenting advice on everything and anything you might deal with when raising girls. From when to get a family pet and how to help her make new friends to more serious issues like bullying, discussions about current events, and school struggles, we've got you covered. Hand-in-hand, we can take the guesswork out of parenting and bring the fun back in. For Every Girl. Juliette Gordon Low. Executive Team. National Board.

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The Girl Scout Alum Difference. World Centers. Civic Action for Adults. Civic Action for Girls. Legacy of Civic Action. Catholic Church Relationship. Catholic Church Examples. American Forests. Scholarship Recipients. Athletes Unlimited. Citi Foundation. The Coca-Cola Foundation. Cyber Innovation Center. The David and Lura Lovell Foundation. Dianne Belk and Lawrence Calder. Federal Bureau of Investigation. Ford Foundation. General Motors. Herford N Elliott Trust. Hydro Flask. Infosys Foundation USA.

Jessie Ball duPont Fund. Kappa Delta Sorority. LEGO Group. Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies. Morgan Stanley. New York Academy of Sciences. The North Face. Palo Alto Networks. SETI Institute. Society of Women Engineers.

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