A lady 4 a gentleman

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A new season is the perfect time to meet your sole mate. But remember gents, one should always start off on the right foot. So how do you get the woman of your dreams? Remember one can never make a first impression twice and time waits for no man. Unless you are Tony Stark, an on-call doctor or have a relative in the hospital, there really is no excuse for checking your phone during dinner.

At best, it makes you look bored and at worst makes you like an adolescent. Treat every person you encounter on the date, the waiter, the cab driver, the woman who accidently bumped your chair. Honourable men used to hold the door open for anyone, regardless of gender.

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Yes, you can still believe in gender equality and hold the door open for a lady. If in doubt, stick to the golden two motto.

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No more than two drinks. It might go unnoticed if you wait for her plate to arrive before you tuck into your own. But if you do start before here, a little mental cross will be scored in her mind.

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Simon Sineck has a fantastic talk on why leaders should eat last and unconsciously the same rules apply in dating. There is nothing worse that someone who uses the time someone else is speaking to interrupt with their own grandiose anecdote to impress. Far more impressive is to actually listen to her. Charming people understand instinctively the importance of making someone feel special. Good conversation is defined as two people taking turns in talking and listening.

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You have two ears. Use them. Location, location, location. Where you choose to go on the date says volumes about you. It shows your level of creativity and originality. But a little thought and planning will make all the difference.

Although nothing is as important as the first date, the respect you show her at the end will be the last thing she thinks about before going to sleep that night. Go on, make your mother proud. Regardless of how well the date went, as a matter of courtesy and on principle, one should always message once you arrive home.

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Although of course depending on your date location, most women admit to prefer a gentleman to wear classic shoes on a first date, so if in doubt an Oxford or Derby is your safest bet. And one last piece of advice gentlemen… as set out in Undandy Way 36, Tender is always better than Tinder…. After all, a good soul should know how to recognise a great sole.

A lady 4 a gentleman

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