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Valves play a crucial role in almost all industrial processes.

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These devices regulate, redirect, or control the flow of liquids or gases by opening, closing, or partially blocking flow passages. There are numerous types of valves, each differing in various ways, including operating principle, configuration, power source, and application.

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The main components of a Baelz control valves are the actuator, plug and spindle, and the valve body. The actuator, which can be either pneumatic or electric, controls the valve plug by moving it up or down in varying strokes. These valves are defined by the of ports they use.

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Since these valves support different flow rates, temperature ranges and pressures, it is important to understand their differences before determining which type of valve is appropriate for your application. When fluid enters the inlet port A of a 2 way valve, the relative position of the plug dictates the amount of fluid allowed to leave the outlet port AB. When the plug and spindle are positioned all the way up, the valve is fully closed from ports A to AB.

Conversely, when the plug and spindle are fully down, the valve is open from A to AB. The B port is fully capped off with a blind flange on all Baelz 2 way valves.

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Percise plug positions will control the flow rate through the valve. These valves are an essential component in many process safety systems, as they can immediately stop fluid flow to a specific location in the event of an emergency. For instance, these valves can regulate operating temperatures by using sensors to adjust to specific fluid parameters to maintain the desired temperatures and flow.

For some chilled or hot water applications2 way valves are also an ideal solution.

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When used correctly, 2 way valves can increase process efficiencies and lower operating costs by providing operators with the ability to run heating and cooling systems at variable flow rates. What differentiates it from the 2 way valve is the use of an additional port. Like 2 way valves, 3 way valve assemblies can also be controlled by pneumatic or electric actuators.

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These valves can be used to either divert the flow of fluids, or to mix fluids from two inlets delivered through to a single outlet. When used as mixing valvesfluids from inlet port A and B are mixed inside the valve body and subsequently transmitted out through port AB. Mixing allows for the combination of fluids with varying temperatures and pressures to be combined sent through an outlet with specific desired properties. When used as diverting valvesport AB functions as the inlet, while Ports A and B function as the outlets.

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The ability to mix fluids from more than one inlet makes 3 way valves ideal for heating and cooling various media such as water, oils, and chemicals. These valves are also commonly used as bypass valves in primary and secondary loop applications. Similar to 2 way valves, 3 ways valves are also used in the same process industries ly mentioned. Our valves are able to support this type of performance due to a durable and high-end stuffing box which supports the life of the spindle and bellows.

As an industry leader and premier distributor for North America, Baelz NA also offers an expansive catalog of parts and components for an expansive range of valve solutions. If you would like to know more about our 2 way or 3 way valve systems, contact our technical team or request a quote today. Topics: Valvesthree way valves2-way valves3-way valvestwo way valves.

2 looking for 1 for 3 way

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